"Request Timed Out"

By Hayseed14 ·
I'm using Windows Vista with Firefox Browser and have a couple of Web sites at both and Kick Butt Hostings. Very recently I tried to upload a WP Plug to a site (2.9 Mb Zipped) but even after increasing the PHP setting to allow uploads of up to 16Mb I could not achieve the load and install from my PC to the WP-admin.
Whilst checking that I also found I couldn't even stay connected long enough to edit a one line Post, or to post my support ticket (without typing it up in Notepad and then pasting it in quickly and sending it.
I've tried Pinging from the Comd Box and also run many tracert commands but no matter what time of day i try I rarely succeed in uploading either a smaller plugin or a message to Tech Support.
My ISP is British Telecom, who say they have tested all then can and will now need to send an engineer next Monday pm. My phone works fine, and I've unplugged and later reconnected everything I can think of in the citcuit at my end.... still no improvement. Downloads seem fine, but uploading is out of the question.
Any suggestions or advice would be very welcome please

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