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Require a password to access Internet

By theiqa ·
Hope someone can help... I'm not an IT guy but the closest thing to it in our company (webmaster). Our office, running Win 98 and XP on a Novell server just got a T1 line.
Can we make it so our users have to type in a password before they can use the Internet? And if so, can you spell it out for me.
Thanks for any help or advice.


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Proxy server

by Cactus Pete In reply to Require a password to acc ...

All machines must be configured inside of Internet Explorer [or any other app] to point towards the Proxy. The firewall [assuming you have one] should accept outbound connections from only the proxy server, and other servers as designated.

IE can be configured through policies, but if you're the only admin, then perhaps the office is small enough toconfigure one at a time.

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by Choppit In reply to Proxy server

Also consider using a transparent proxy at the gateway. That way ,the tech savvy users won't easily bypass the proxy.

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by Zazelle In reply to Require a password to acc ...

Speaking from experience if you implement this it will usually annoy some people who feel it is too much hassle to enter a simple password.

Requests from the management team for single sign on (to everything) will shortly follow.

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by Choppit In reply to Require a password to acc ...

What are you trying to achieve by doing this?

Control over who can access the internet?
When they use it?
Where they can visit?

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user security

by theiqa In reply to

We have a policy about only visiting work-related websites. But different people sometimes share computers for data entry. So our users want a password so only they can get on the Internet from their machine and not be blamed if someone else uses their machine to access the Internet.

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Won't work in my opinion

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to user security

The password will have a life time. No one will want to put one in for every URL request. If they use the internet most of the time. It will always be enabled.

They could log off each time they leave it.

Hey a pig just flew over.

You could look at site banning software. It's a fair bit of administration work though, even with content recognition it will need tuning.

What's work related? Finding a hotel in city X is perfectly valid for a PA or HR, but probably is not for a data entry type.
Use the password to conrol what content you are allowed , even more work, and if the 'higher' level person's machine is open to access from other's they just plan their holiday on her access while she's at lunch.

They do this at my current place, and in my opinion it's a complete waste of time. A quick peek through logs / cache will identify problem machines, then a lookout and a monitor will catch them web handed as it were.

I know that one works, watched a fellow get escorted off the premises never to be seen again. He had a thing for ebony sites and the HR manager was of african descent and female.

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