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    Requirement for developing a Network


    by ganesh.jaratarghar ·

    Can I install DHCP,DNS & Exchange Server 2005 in one server in an organization having 150 Users. Will it create problem for the performance of the network?
    What are the essential steps I need to remember before doing so?

    Please help me out

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      by ganesh.jaratarghar ·

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      Small network

      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      Yes, you should be fine, may sure you have correct network equipment, use switches rather than hubs, use a physia firewall for internet access, use fastest speeds that you can afford, 100Mbps is fine for most clients/servers.

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        Thanks Please read the steps which I am going to perform

        by ganesh.jaratarghar ·

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        Please guide me if I am wrong:
        1.Meet all the hardware & software requirements of the network. Steps which I have to follow are:
        1.Install Windows 2003 R2 Server with Service Pack1

        2.Promote the stand alone Server to ADS domain Server.

        3.Update the Server with Patches & Windows updations.

        4.Install Anti-virus Software & Update it.

        5.Install DHCP & Configure it for multiple subnets. Actually there are two Networks server1 & server2.

        6.Configure DNS Server and check it out whether it is working or no by using nslookup command.

        5.Then Install & Configure Mail Exchange Server.

        Is it right?

        Then there are some arround 4 floors in those four flors the Switch connectivity should be as follows:
        1.Connect the Network Cable of the Server to the Switch and from there take each cable for each switch so that the Network Performance should not get degraded.

        2.Use Cross Network Cable with the maximum lenth of 100 Meters and solid RJ-45 Connectors For switch to Switch

        Please let me know in case any thing is missing after that I will proceed further.

        Many Many Thanks,

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          I would reverse steps 2 and 3 and install AV last

          by why me worry? ·

          In reply to Thanks Please read the steps which I am going to perform

          You always want to have the latest patches and hotfixes installed before promoting any server to a domain controller. That way, you are guaranteed to have the latest schema classes and AD fixes before you create your forest, not after.

          As far as AV software is concerned, install it last because it has been known to cause problems during promotion of a server to a DC.

          Regarding cabling, go with a minimum of Cat5e, which can support 1Gbps over copper in case you decide at some point to install Gigabit switches if not already, or if you can afford to, go straight to Cat6 twisted pair.

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