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Requirements for a Content Management System

By brian.don ·
I am looking for any pointers to currently existing requirements documents for content management for static content. We are looking at going through a requirements process here where I work, and I'm hoping to jump-start the process by taking advantage of work already done by others, instead of re-inventing the wheel. So, can some people point me in the right direction?


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Good project management discipline

by JamesRL In reply to Requirements for a Conten ...

Says you don't use other people's requirements.

You need to find out what your organizations requirements are. Now you can break them down into System or technical requirements (which may mean fitting into your existing HW architecture, ability to integrate into existing systems) and functional requirements(what does the system have to do).

The danger in using someone else requirements, even as a starting point, is that it will lead you to a different solution.


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Have Clear Understanding of Objectives

by dkt999 In reply to Requirements for a Conten ...

In my opinion, the following are most important things you can do to start:

1. Spend the time to understand what "content mgmt" is, how it's similar / different than document mgmt, workflow, portal technology, etc. They all are starting to blur together, but there are differences.

2. Make sure everyone on the project and or organization has the SAME DEFINITION for "content mgmt".

3. Make sure you (& everyone else) have a CLEARLY DEFINED GOAL as to what you hope to achieve by implementing a "content mgmt" application. Bottom line, if you can't clearly answer "how does this help my business?", then there's a problem.

4. Make sure everyone on the project and or organization has the SAME GOAL for what you hope to achieve by implementing a "content mgmt" application.

5. Repeat the above steps until you can answer "yes" to all of them.

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Requirements? for CMS

by adcpitt In reply to Requirements for a Conten ...

Dear Brian,

James has given the rule for all system development - collect, understand and anlyse the requirements.

Dthompson the gives you the fundamentals - what the **** does CMS mean to you, stakeholders and the business. Then spell it out so every understands.

You're asking for some short-cuts?! As Corporate Content is generally humongous, potentially involving hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages. Tend to be very complicated, in part because they are likely to cut across the whole organisation - and don't forget those independent business-unit silos.

You haven't mentioned your business? And why your business is looking into CMS for static content only?

1. Underestimating the work involved. Obviously Brian you see this, hence your request.
2. Losing sight of the value that content management provides.
3. Doing things that, unintentionally, make CMS an even bigger mountain to climb than it already is.
4. DO NOT start without a bigger vision or a long-term plan for where CMS will take your business.
5. Content is NOT equal - do not treat Content as being equal.

A Starter:
1. A CMS implementation will need to link together a multitude of different business processes. Start mapping these.

And always tightly tie the business objective to the technology solutions.

But may I recommend you get approval for a consultant with CMS experience, because there is a volume of knowledge that is often needed - can be just too complex to give a few pointers to simply "kick start" a CMS project.

Good Luck,

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