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    Requirements Management Best Practices


    by msisi ·

    I work for a large company with many way of working regarding requirements management process (requirement gathering/management). We use many tools, for gathering, managing and testing requirements (Reqtify, Quality Center V9.2, Excel, word…)
    I would like to hear how others perform their requirements management. I would appreciate any information about how you gather requirements, how they are maintained & tracked, how they relate to the project development lifecycle, and any tools you might use for requirements management

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      Traceability Matrix

      by lsrikanth ·

      In reply to Requirements Management Best Practices

      you can use the ‘Traceability Matrix’ to track the requirements. These have two forms ‘Unidirectional tranceability’ and ‘Bi-directional traceability’

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      Microsoft Project Management

      by emily01 ·

      In reply to Requirements Management Best Practices

      Till few days back we were using ms project 2007, now we’ve started using Project 2010. I use Gantt chart for keeping track of projects apart from that there are many other project planning and scheduling features available. It has many advanced features and is more easier to use. You can download project 2010 free trial at

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