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Requirements to install Linux

By shivasbhatt ·
Hi i want to shift from windows 98 to any linux flavour (PLEASE SUGGEST ONE)and have a 810i motherboard with celeron500 and 256 MB sdram,40 Gb HDD .which is the best suitable linux and how do i install it.

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by jschein In reply to Requirements to install L ...

No one will answer this.

Each distobution of linux is different. From the packaged programs, to the installation, and to the hardware recognition system it has.

It is up to you to decide which "flavor" is best for you.

Any of the versions would run fine on your pc.

Redhat - Linux on supercrack
Suse - Nice interface, almost as loaded as redhat
Mandrake - Nice interface, lesser than the two above

Hope this helps

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by TheChas In reply to Requirements to install L ...

Here is a link to Red Hat's hardware compatibility list.

Personally, I would go with Red Hat 9 or Fedora

Fedora is the new name for the open source version of Red Hat Linux.

The most important thing in switching to Linux is making sure that you can find device drivers for all of your hardware.
If you cannot find a Linux driver, you may want / need to change to different hardware.


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by almostat7 In reply to Requirements to install L ...

Try up grading your processor first ...(It helps to get as much speed as possible!)..if you can`t do that right now I would suggest mandrake 8.0 ,to start you off .
All the best!

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by johnj In reply to Requirements to install L ...

Some Linuxes have trouble with the 810 based mobos video and sound. Intel has drivers available:

I have used Red Hat a long time, and am exploring Fedora now. I like them both. Mandrake is good, but I have not found it as easy to use as Red Hat. I have heard good thing about Lycoris, since it seems to be designed to make a switch from Windows easier, but it costs money, as does Lindows.

There are also "live" Linuxes on CD that enable you to try Linux out without having to install it on a hard drive.Knoppix is one such:

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by rajpatel In reply to Requirements to install L ...

You can try Fedora Core1 or Core to both will work fine on celeron i have tested them. Installing linux is more easy then istalling any version of windows all you need to download iso images from fedora mirrors and then burn them on cds then boot ur computer using cd1 and choose graphical installation option (when you boot from cd1 you will be prompted weather to use graphical installation) so go ahead and here is the link for downloading fedora core iso images copy and paste it in browser and go accordingly.

Enjoy Linux.

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