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Rescue a BIOS crashed motherboard

By klee7228 ·
I crash my BIOS when I upgrade my BIOS due to power failure. The way to solve this issue is you need to find a workable BIOS which is same or compatible with your motherboard from your friends or supplier and insert it into your motherboard to boot up your machine. After you PC is running unplug you BIOS carefully without shutdown your PC (You must unplug your BIOS carefully due the PC is running or you will crash you motheroard). Your PC should be running without BIOS. Then now you insert you crashed BIOS into the socket carefully and use the ASUS windows version BIOS upgrade utility to upgrade / downgrade the BIOS again. After the BIOS reflashed it should be workable again. If you required the ASUS windows BIOS flash utility please don't hestitate to contact me at / or skype: zinsoftware (please use a email unblocked by SPAM filter to contact me else your email will be blocked)


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Another ad.

by stress junkie In reply to Rescue a BIOS crashed mot ...

Boil your head a** wipe.

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Not only another add but BAD ADVICE

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Another ad.

It's so much easier to replace the dead BIOS CHIP and be going again without risking your M'Board in the process.

There are plenty of places selling BIOS Chips programed up to the latest BIOS available for your M'Board so why would anyone try something to inherently dangerous?


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It may be an ad...

by Liebo In reply to Not only another add but ...

...however I once did this in an attempt to rescue a motherboard.

I too encountered a crash on an old AMD K6 motherboard and I used a similar BIOS to allow me to flash my original again. If I remember correctly, the BIOS brand and voltages need to be exactly the same and the chipset of the boards need to be similar.

Back in the good old days, you used to be able to plug in an ISA video card to allow you to restore BIOS direct from floppy!

I wouldn't do it on a newer motherboard as they seem a little more strict on these things but it's not _bad_ advice, just bad practice.

PS: Have you seen how much a replacement BIOS is? You may as well get another board from ebay or buy all new.

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I pay about $25.00 US for a replacement BIOS Chip

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It may be an ad...

From Mr BIOS in the US. Takes about 7 days to arrive in AU after the Chip is Paid for.

When you are dealing with Server Board Issues it's very cheap insurance to do it this way rather than run the risk of loosing days or needing to replace the Server because of a BIOS fault.


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Another problem with crashed bios

by Darkstar19851876 In reply to Rescue a BIOS crashed mot ...

Here is the story of how my bios went down. I have SOYO motherboard SY-D6IBA BIOS 2AA3. I neaded to upgrade it because it's Intel 82371 AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller was not functoning properly. I wanted to upgrade to 2AA5. I took 1.44 MB Windows ME original boot diskette deleted some unimportant for the boot process files to free up some space. Created a folder called SOYO. Placed there flash program and a bios bin file. Booted from floppy drive. Ran command "awdflash bd-2AA5.bin" . Program showed me checksum and asked my if i want to save the bios. At this point I remember that I do not have any free space to save my carrent bios on drive A. My hard drives at this moment were unaccessable because they are NTFS formated. I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL instead of Y or N as I was asked by the program. Right now when I try to boot my computer I only here one high tone long beep and one low tone short beep. Most likely I will need to change motherboard and there is no hope for help but I still want your comments. Thanks.
Best Wishes Alexander Danilenko.

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