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Rescue Dropped Harddrive

By mark_hensley ·
Ok. The drive was dropped while turened on.
Now, it's not recognized, and doesn't even try to spin up.

Could it be that when it dropped (external USB case) that the Drive controller was damaged,and that swapping out boards will bring it back to life?

I really can't afford to spend a couple of grand to retrieve the Data, even though I need it. The drive contains soem songs I was working on.

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Rescue Dropped Harddrive

Could it be that the USB eclosure got hurt when droped and the hard-drive is still functiona?? It could be so try the hard-drive inside the PC connected to the IDE cable as slave.

In case that doesn't work, you could try the freezing method.

Whichever method you try, be ready to imeaditly copy the files you need to another drive.

Unless you see some visible damage to the PCB, there are verry slim chances that swaping the board will make a difference, the problem is mechanical.

GooD LucK

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by wlbowers In reply to Rescue Dropped Harddrive

You might have damaged the controller or supply in the external case. Lets hope that you have not crashed the heads into the platters big time.

Pull the drive out of the external case. Now install it into a desktop unit.

Most of the external cases have the drive jumpered as CS (cable select). You might need to change the jumper to slave if you have to put it on a controller with another drive.

This will allow you to try to recover data if the drive comes up.

Oh yea. Freezing a drive will only work if the bearings are wearing to the point of slowing the platter down. Otherwise it won't do squat!


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by _Christian_ In reply to Rescue Dropped Harddrive

You can find cheap USB enlosures on the market (i bought some) for both 3 1/2 or laptop-size hard drives.

About ?10, some probably below 10 USD if you are over there.

Get one, you never know when you may need it anyway.

Shift the hard drive to the new enclosure (comes with its own connectors, controller and power supply, or USB powered for laptop-size drives)

Connect it to your PC once started. You may need to intall a driver, normally provided on FD, depending your O/S.

You will immediately get your data back, if the hard drive was not damaged. (I would back them up straigh away, if I were you).
If not, you now know that your drive is FUBAR.

There is still a last option, using dedicated recovery softwares (google is your friend), but you need some matching skills to use those correctly.

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by joetechsupport In reply to Rescue Dropped Harddrive

I've never heard of freezing before. You can get them spinning by a tap, rap or a drop up to 4 feet on a carpeted office floor. The cause was different, the drive stopped or the bearings siezed, but ive done it to many a real drive (SCSI) as well as IDE. You get about 60% back, more if your lucky.

Try the drop after the less destructive methods mentioned by the others.

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