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Rescuecom contract and policies are unreasonable

By hardworkingitExpert ·
I used to work for rescuecom. It was really bad!. You don't want to work for them, nor to buy a franchise from them. As a field technician, I had to drive everywhere (many hours of driving) which weren't paid at all. Then, I had to pay $120 monthly for a handheld, plus the expenses based on the usage of my own cellphone minutes (was a total of $300 a month).

Dispatch (System I) is group of people NOT trained, who lack skills and don't know anything abt computers . They used to call me 24/7 (morning,late at night,even when I was using the toilet)they would call me more than 10 times a day.It really drove me crazy. You absolutely have time for nothing but answering calls, driving for hours, and being available 24/7. It was just really insane!. You don't have free time at all, since your contract would mention you have to be avaliable 24/7. Unless, you are single, like driving statewide, answering phonecalls, handheld beepings, wish to pay $300 for services plus gas, and you lack goals and aspirations in life, don't ever sign a non-compete agreement with rescuecom. The only thing you will get out of that, It's a high blood pressure, you will wear you car down, you will be spending more money than you make,you won't have any peace at all and time to do some other things with your personal time.
For all the above, not one in the right mind would work for them, so they hire "anybody" willing to work at all as in
"Technicians without skills and certifications", and Customer service representatives who don't even know what they are talking abt.
If you do a search for the bureau of consumer affairs online, you will find that one guy tried to quit,and his last paycheck was withheld from him for no reason.

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by david In reply to Rescuecom contract and po ...
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Another dissatisfied worker

by vze6u3nz In reply to .

Dave, I am another very dissatisfied technician that briefly worked for Rescuecom under Eric F. from the Secacus office. I suffered the exact same treatment described by others describing Rescuecom's horrendous working conditions. However, I have taken the liberty of leaving you a message and hope to hear back from you after June 4th 2007.

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by jsb1022 In reply to .

I was applying at Rescuecom and my interview was tomorrow but I cancelled it. Mainly b/c I saw your post and how you posted personal info on someone's background. There is no reason for an ex-employer to post such personal info on the internet. No matter what an ex-employee says about your company.

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The worst service and worst customer service

by rosyc In reply to .

I have sent you a letter, to which you have never responded, so I'll tell my story here. I attempted to use this service in January. I work from home and rely on my computer. First of all I called at 10 a.m. hoping to get service in the promised "hour". No one showed up until 3:00p.m., then they left to get parts, but did not return until 7:00 p.m. The computer repair only lasted about 12 hours. I lost a day of work due to the incompetent service. I called to have another tech come out to fix my computer again, but no one responded. I found other help to fix my computer. I have asked for my $98.00 service fee back, and am still waiting. I will contact consumer reporters at the television stations because yours is the absolute worst service I have ever encountered.

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Don't hold you breath for a refund...

by lisaann19672002 In reply to The worst service and wor ...

It is a scam, it's all a scam. I worked there as the "office manger". What a joke the whole company is. Every time I requested a client refund due to an error on our end, I was ignored and pretty much told we don't don't make mistakes and we don't refund money. I would take it up with your credit card company and dispute the charge. Tell everyone you know that they should stay away from the place.

He treats his employees like trash and has no ethics to speak of. I have to say the employee turnover rate is 100%.

A local Syracuse, NY news station did a series on Rescuecom on how he is robbing people. I can't believe he has not been shut down by the Department of Labor or the Attorney General's office by now.

All I can say is what comes around goes around and in my perfect world he will get his...

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stay away

by new_babak_ahm In reply to Don't hold you breath for ...

I worked for them for 18 month and covered in huge area (some part of MD, DC, VA)the management is sux at all, they don't care you are experienced tech or not, they hire 100% of applicant, junior, kid's, high school, if you know how to turn ON the PC, that's enough, by the way the didn't pay my last check $430 and I opened the case on Small Claim Court on Syracuse, just waiting for court.
This company also leased the Geek Squad 800 number and took most the Best Buy customers,when customer call 1-800-geek squad, they picked up the phone and if customer ask them for geek squad, they will say Yes, and obtain the information, I'm wondering why geek squad not sued them yet.

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its comming

by russ In reply to Don't hold you breath for ...

From the very place you mentioned.
The US Department of Labor.
A federal agency that for the 1st time in my life has responded to a need.
this is a real live bull dog, dont get a lawyer before talking to them 1st.
Im suprised how fast this agency reacts to complaints, and the attention level you get.
Two thumbs up for the US Department of Labor.

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Is there a reason you're editing all your posts?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to .

Is it just to keep the name in front of the membership? Based on the comments about your firm, I would think you'd like these to settle to the bottom instead of stirring them back up.

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He is hiding some

by IC-IT In reply to Is there a reason you're ...

of the personal attacks and not so nice answers. Cleaning the trail. ;-)

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It gets weirder every day. EDITED - and weirder still!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to He is hiding some

After going to the trouble to edit them all, now he's asking Tammy to remove his messages.

"How bizarre, how bizarre!"

Edited: After Tammy entered the usual "Post removed by moderator" text, somebody (David? Tammy?) edited the posts a third time to leave only a period '.' in the title and body. Rampant paranoia, anyone?

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