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By kharig ·
Has anyone worked for ? They always have ads listed in a place I want to live, just curious if its worked out for anyone else?


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Stay Away

by Dedicated One In reply to

Tried dealing with them. A real bunch of morons.
Their contract is one-sided, guess which way.
Charge a fortune pay you squat and they want exclusivity with no guarantees of work.

Another one you might check out is

Seemed to be a much better run operation, no upfront cost to speak of and a generous distribution of billed revenues.

Just my opinion. If you check them out let me know what you think.

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They erased my hard drive without my permission

by tomtaber In reply to

My only experience with Rescuecom was very bad. I was having trouble rebooting my home PC and wanted to copy my data (that I had not backed up) to another drive before runing a system recovery. I called Rescuecom because most places wanted me to leave it in their shop for 2-3 days, and I thought Rescuecom could do it faster. They sent a tech to my house who ran a system recovery that deleted all of my data, after I had warned him not to do it. I think they charge a lot of money to send out untrained technicians with extremely poor communication skills.

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No Brain

by Dedicated One In reply to They erased my hard drive ...

I guess you got another rescuecom no brainer.

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by underdoglan In reply to They erased my hard drive ...

i would have just threw another drive in , loaded the O/S on the new drive, then done a data migration (copy) from the "dumb' drive up to the new drive hosting the current O/S. Another option at that point is to move the data to the wire, a temporary location on the network. If his older drive is legacy, say 20 GB or whatever, its even cheaper to just leave the new system drive in, rather than pay the labor to recover the old drive. When all is data validated to the clients' satisfaction, (a backup could then be placed on the network)format the second (origional) drive as a storage,VM, or application partition (volume). Of course the origional drive may have been origionally damaged beyond data access. But that could have been easily evaluated and announced to the customer before any action was taken. Still dammnng is the fact that the tech was able to actually load an operating system on the origional drive . So it must have still been a "good spinner".
I also wonder... did the tech offer you a backup solution for "next time" ? All hardware eventually fails, and with viruses, etc, its not "if" happens..but "when" it happens..
Will you be prepared?

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rescuecom is bad....very bad

by apple head In reply to underdogLAN

They will treat you like dirt and pay you peanuts!!! Go
anyplace before these butchers

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don't do it...

by viper hater In reply to

First of all, I want everyone to know, that the second you walk into the door, or talk to someone on the phone, you're being lied to. The main core of the company consists of a band of liars and crooks. A straight answer is something you will never get, and will constantly run in to a good cop/bad cop scenario. The other post is correct- their contract is extremely one-way, and they do not fulfill their end of the bargain.

If you want to go to work for a man with the worst case of "Napoleon Syndrome" I have ever seen, and be entirely mislead and underpaid, then work for the company.

If not, I'd advise to seek opportunities elsewhere.

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Please give more info

by eriksage In reply to don't do it...

I am interested in any input from people who have done the franchise with this company. My company is looking into this company and we would like to learn from any experiences people have had. I see some bad press on this site, if anyone is willing to go in more detail, please reply and/or email

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Please contact me, Your statements are unfair.

by david In reply to don't do it...

Sir or Madam,

I apologize if you had a bad experience with RESCUECOM, one of our franchisees or technicians. I am unfamiliar with your situation, but would be happy to address your concerns directly. If you have been treated unfairly or if the service you have received has been unsatisfactory, please call me directly, any time, 315-882-1100. This is my direct phone number; I am interested in assisting you in any way possible? Including the issuance of a refund for any unsatisfactory services you may have received. If you are a former technician or franchisee, I extend my offer to help you directly.

We here at RESCUECOM want only good feelings about our company, employees, franchisees and technicians by all that come in contact with us. I am confident that whatever your unhappiness is, we can work this out together.

Thank you,

David A. Milman

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You will never be able to attract good quality help with your program

by garyd01 In reply to Please contact me, Your s ...

The statements may be unfair but not as unfair as the recruitment policy that you have in place for your organization. After discussing it with one of your representatives, I first laughed and then thought it may be a scam to just get upfront costs. Here is what I perceive you want:

Us to sign a non-solicit for all your customers with no guarantee of work. How can an independent do that when there is no guarantee that you will ever provide work and we may be already working for many of those companies.

Go through two weeks of training to be Rescuecom certified - in other words to learn the rescuecom methods. The training may be free but we are not reimbursed for the time in training. This is not a recognized certification by any other organization that I am aware of.

Purchase a windows based cell phone. I have a cellphone and an existing contract. Along with the new Cell phone is another phone contract most likely and perhaps another charge like the Blackberry service. It would not be practical to tie that to my existing cell phone service - perhaps I am mistaken.

Agree to a $50 monthly charge to use your dispatching service. What are your costs in providing this service to me - close to $0 I imagine.

And the worst part, once through the training I have to contact one of your franchises to see if I can work through them. All this investment and no guarantee of any work and so far no franchisee to perform the work for. So if the 1 or 2 of your 150 franchises are in my area in the Chicago suburbs I need to apply there next.

Good luck finding the high school kids living at home who don't have overhead to pay while they are waiting for an occasional service call. Your program seems similar to the Geek Squad which is a company that I get to clean up after often.

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We can't seem to get you or Eric on the phone

by jm In reply to Please contact me, Your s ...

You have many unfair comments on this blog site.
not sure why - hoping your payment arrives here shortly for
Jan and Feb. service. Blogs can be so unfair.

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