Reset Account, but can't join to domain with different server

By Techtoo ·
We have two Windows servers: svr-1 (running w2K) and svr-2 (running w2k3). svr-1 is already in domain IT and svr-2 is not.

We now want to join svr-2 to domain IT under the same computer account svr-1 but without first deleting the computer account. In other words, we want to keep the computer account svr-1 in AD but join a different server (different OS) under it.

We have done the following:
1) take svr-1 off the network.
2) Reset Account svr-1 thru AD of users and computers
3) Log in local admin and Rename svr-2 to svr-1 and try to join domain IT.

But we got an error saying svr-1 already exists and the server joined the domain using its old name svr-2. But we have already Reset the account svr-1!

Did we do anything wrong? Any clue, please? Thanks.

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you will

by ---TK--- In reply to Reset Account, but can't ...

need to delete the computer from the domain in order to rejoin...

So, you should turn the server into a workgroup, delete the "Computer" from AD, and then rejoin the server to the domain. You will also need to do a couple reboots to the server joining the domain.

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Are you running AD?

by IC-IT In reply to Reset Account, but can't ...

If you are then all your FSMO roles are on server 1.
Your entire domain will be hosed.
This article should help.

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by unhappyuser In reply to Reset Account, but can't ...

I'm pretty sure you have to delete the account before readding it. The SID will be different but, hopefully, won't cause any issues.


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Supplied services!

by Dean Wheatley In reply to Reset Account, but can't ...

What services does the SVR-1 supply to the network? If it's simply a matter of a file server then delete the account svr-1 from AD users and computers and then rename svr-2 to svr-1 and join the computer to the domain. If it's a Domain Controller then the process is much more indepth as you will need to DCPromo svr-2, reassign FSMO roles to svr-2. Then demote svr-1 off the network once you are happy that svr-2 has taken on the necessary roles. Once complete you can rename svr-2 using the following....

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More on the background ...

by Techtoo In reply to Reset Account, but can't ...

First of all, thanks a lot for replying to my query. It seems deleting the computer account before joining the new server to the domain is the only way out. But that may bring in other problem.

I forgot to mention srv-1 is an Exchange 2K3 server. We were following the Microsoft Technet article at to try to move the Exchange 2k3 to new hardware (i.e. srv-2) and keep the same computer name. We couldn't go far and were stuck at Step 3 and 4 which said Reset the computer account in AD and then join the new computer to the domain. The article specifically pointed out it is important NOT to delete the computer account. Is the article wrong on this one?

We also fear if we delete the srv-1 computer account, we can't go back to srv-1 if anything goes wrong in the moving process.

The article said the OS on both servers must be the same. But in our case, one is Win 2000 and the other is win 2003. Could this be the cause of the problem?

Again, TIA.

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