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Reset BIOS on Gateway M500

By f_cazar ·
I was updating the bios on a Gateway Laptop M500, but while updating the bios, the power went out so the update did not finish. Now, the laptop turns on, but stays with a black screen. So, my bios settings need to be reset. Does anyone have any information on how reset my bios?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated....

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Reset BIOS on Gateway M50 ...

might have to send it in....

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by cp7212 In reply to Reset BIOS on Gateway M50 ...

If you can get into the case, try removing the CMOS battery for about fifteen minutes. It may bring it back to defaults, just a theory.

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by kraugie In reply to Reset BIOS on Gateway M50 ...

See if you can find a cmos battery or reset jumper. Alot of laptops dont have them though, so you may have to send it to Gateway.

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by f_cazar In reply to Reset BIOS on Gateway M50 ...

Thanks guys for all your help

I will have to send it in because the BIOS chip needs to be replaced on the motherboard. Resetting the CMOS did reset my settings..


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by ricaustria In reply to Reset BIOS on Gateway M50 ...

Did you find a cmos battery or reset swicth? If so, can you tell me where to find them. (I had the same problem you described).

Any help would be greatl appreciated.

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Revisiting a Constant Problem but with a Twist

by drhesq In reply to

I have an Asus P4PE-TE-EATZ with, I think, a BIOS/CMOS bug. It acts like it is a bad battery with all it's attendant symptoms, bad checksum, having to completely reset the time, date, drive setup, boot order, the whole works. It seems like like somebody broke in to my office and stole the CMOS chip while I was out to lunch (sic) but, unfortunately, it is not that simple. Also, it will reboot right in the middle of being used. No predictability. I have used three different batteries, 2 of which were new and the other a working pull. OK, I think that is enough for you to chew on, if not, post a reply and I will fill in the information. Thanks, Doug

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Gateway NV Series

by mmpcr In reply to Reset BIOS on Gateway M50 ...

did the same as above, powers on with black screen. I have ripped this thing apart and cant get it to work. Any clue how I can fix this. I dont know why Gateway would put out a bios update that would crash a system. Neeeeeed help!!!! Any ideas?

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