Reset BIOS password or Unfreeze Deepfreeze 7.51

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Ok, this question is only for the top hackers, please spare me the ethical issues..this is a challenge and not for illegal purposes:

So I've a computer "HP Compaq 6000 Pro microtower" windows7 with Deep Freeze v.7.51 on it and admin privileges password protected of course. I'm trying to

1- unfreeze the pc but can't seem to find any anti-freeze for this new version 7.51 and of course i don't have the password to unfreeze it, all available tools so far are for previous versions of deep freeze

2- last option I thought is to use a bootable CD so that I mess with deep freeze when it's not activated because it even runs in safe mode.

3- the pc has bios password on it, it's not allowing me to boot to anything but the hard drive. So bootable CD failed.

4- Now I guess i've to take care of cracking the BIOS password.

5- the tower is locked physically with a lock. So removing the CMOS battery option doesn't work either.

6- I've to use a BIOS cracker software, most of them require admin access, but i don't have that and can't boot to a cd to gain admin password.

Finally: my options are to either find a way to gain admin access without having to reboot (because of deepfreeze) then use bios cracker software (but deepfreeze might restore bios password again after i reboot, i don't know)...if successful I can boot with a CD and mess deepfreeze OR unfreeze deepfreeze somehow without messing with BIOS password?

Any bright ideas? keep in mind the obstacles (no admin access, no bootable cd ability, locked BIOS, new deepfreezer 7.51)

Good luck

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