Reset domain password remotely?

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So I work for a small company that manages about 30 domains. Once a employee gets fired or leaves the company we have to reset our account password on every domain we monitor. This is a huge pain and usually takes the better part of the weekend remoteing into each domain and changing the passwords manually. Any suggestions on a faster solution? I know you can change a password at the command prompt but can I make one bat file for all the different domains?

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I take it...

by NKX In reply to Reset domain password rem ...

I take it that these are all separate domains, not in a single forest, and with no delegation between them.

Starting from scratch, I would have suggested that you have a parent domain in the forest with all the control accounts there. one change replicates through the forest and all domains are done.

Alternatively, Powershell is your friend. As long as the names of the domains you manage aren't changing, then you can write a PowerShell script to connect to and update all the required accounts. I can't provide an example though.

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