Reset Neoware Eon CA2 to factory defaults?

By Alpha-Male ·
Today while updating a Neoware Eon CA2 (running Windows CE) the thin client locked up and can no longer boot or be seen on the WAN. It just hangs when power cycled.

I know if you can get to the configuration screen you can reset it to factory defaults, but needless to say that is not possible here.

Is there a key combination to reset the device to factory defaults? An internal switch, etc?

I spoke with HP (who now owns Neoware) and they said the device was no longer under warranty and that they would not tell me how to do it...though there was some implication it could be done.

Anyone know how? I'd really appreciate it....

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by Alpha-Male In reply to Reset Neoware Eon CA2 to ...
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Resetting CA2 thin clients

by jmnessle In reply to Reset Neoware Eon CA2 to ...

There is a way using a tftp server to reset a CA2 to the original. There is a FlashRecovery_CE.NET zip file which contains tftpd32.exe and a set of instructions. You set up a Windows XP PC or a Windows Server with an isolated network (no other DHCP) and run the program according to the included instructions. Start the Neoware CA2 and Hit [SHIFT] [F10] repeatedly during and after the turquoise splash screen at start-up until a dark blue screen shows. Set 2nd entry on screen to INT 19 - Boot from network 1st. Reboot CA2 and TFTP will download the OS. I just did this yesterday to a hung CA2.

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