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    Reset Passwords – Your ways of Authorization


    by mhartmann ·

    Hi Folks !

    I would like to start a discussion here to find out your ways of authorize a user that calls up the Service-Desk and requests a Password-Reset.
    How do you handle this ? As you all know there are two types or resets:

    a) the user was able to logon to the domain
    ( He has option to authorize himself using
    Outlook, SAP, etc. )

    b) the user was not able to logon to the domain
    ( Domain- or Dialup-PWD not correct ! )

    Looking forward to hear and read your ideas !
    Greets from Europe !

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      Line badge numbers…

      by mrbill- ·

      In reply to Reset Passwords – Your ways of Authorization

      I used to work at a Gov facility that had caller id on all the in-house phones. We would also have them give us their badge number, which we had on file in Remedy. Like I said though we were in a fixed local so it was easy to verify, we also had a good idea what everyone sounded like, only about 400 users, so we talked to everyone eventually.

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        Password Reset

        by wizard-09 ·

        In reply to Line badge numbers…

        We ID all the machines, when a user requests a password reset we ask them for the ID on the machine, each ID is different for each Dept.

        We then ask them when they last logged onto the system, we check the logon time and if it’s correct we will then reset the password

        This is just a few but we have many more

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      … Line Badge No.

      by mhartmann ·

      In reply to Reset Passwords – Your ways of Authorization

      Good Idea … but that # equals our User-ID
      :-)) since you can find that using exchange … that is a no-go :-)) but thanks dough!


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