Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q 7" Tablet

By sv052196 ·
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When booting my tablet it will show the blue ProScan screen, then the green Android robot, but then gets stuck on some text that says "Android" with a shimmer across it. I can't get into any menus and there are no buttons on the outside with the exception of the power/screen lock and the reset hole so a factory reset isn't an option. If there is a key combo with the two buttons, I can't figure it out. I tried downloading the firmware and booting from an sd card but the files from the ProScan website are corrupt and there isn't any other place to find the firmware. I've tried using the Android Multi-Tool to reset from my PC. The drivers are installed and up to date but the device gets error code 10 when plugged into USB, This particular tablet seems to be so uncommonly used that there isn't a single FAQ site I've found that has anything about it and I desperately need help getting this thing reset and working again.

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tablet reset

by starstrider2000 In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

there is a reset button on the back of the tablet. you will need a pic or something like that to reset it . i am having issue with it hanging constantly or getting messeges like the browser is out of date though it is up to date

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Nothing Works.

by mediasyko In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

I have tried everything and nothing works. The firmware came up as a bad file type on my pc and mac and the files can't be extracted from the zip. I've tried all of the reset methods and I don't ever get an android robot with an open heart. This was an xmas gift and had it in use for 3 days before it went to logo screen of doom.

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hard reset proscan plt7777g-q tablet

by wharlin1 In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

kid got into settings change password then forgot password tried too many times tablet now locked on powerup blue screen says proscan appears then large green android robot then shimmering android name then date/time and number keypad appears thensince we dont what kid used as password thats all i can do help

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How To Reset!

by henna.sahebzada12 In reply to hard reset proscan plt777 ...

This happened to me aswell but with the Plt1066g tablet from what you explain, that is what happened to me too. Follow these steps to reset your tablet:
Step 1: Power the Tablet off.
Step 2: Press and hold the Volume Down button on the device.
Step 3: Press and hold the Power button.
Step 4: Continue to hold both buttons until the list of options appear on screen.
Step 5: Using the Volume Up or Down, scroll to “delete user data/factory reset."
Step 6: Press Power button to select.
Step 7: On the following screen – scroll to “Delete all data.”
Step 8:Then press the Power button to select and start process.
Step 9:Then restart tablet!

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How to reset plt1066

by gsunny608 In reply to How To Reset!

The method of volume down with power button for reset and factory restore worked perfectly! Thank you.

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Proscan PLT 1066G locked up Reboot no work no keys work

by rnapier48 In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

I have the same problem with my Proscan PLT1066G..Phone calls not returned or redirected
and lost..My Tablet stuck on Android system recovery e> with 7 options one is reboot
nothing happens..Where is help when needed..One phone call said will reply within 24 hrs ..2 days ago

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i have ideas for answering this thread just reading the information here. !

by addseo1118 In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

i have enjoyed with all of your information. i have learnt that your posts are so useful of solution.
Thanks for sharing the important questions here.

Glad to join here and you are welcome me with warm. I like here even I am new here. I hope that you will post more useful strategies of learning the system of computer.

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Resolved I Guess

by droidadda In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

I was checking the comments and I hope the problem has already been solved.. Such a great an active community of genius users.. Loved it !! feel free to check this link if ever want to run UC Browser on PC ...

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proscan tablet

by rc4319 In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...

i cant get it started i dont remember my password or my email can you please help

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by rc4319 In reply to Reset ProScan PLT7777G-Q ...


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