Reset the the BIOS for a Toshiba A215

By alejandro ·
I need to reset the bios for a Laptop Toshiba A215, How can I do it ? I will appreciate the answer because I bougth a refurbished Laptop in Toshiba 4 months ago, the warranty covered 3 months and Toshiba doesnt know how to reset the BIOS, they want to change the mother board !!!! Please help me !!!!!!!

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What exactly do you mean, "reset the BIOS"?

by seanferd In reply to Reset the the BIOS for a ...

When the system powers up, you should be notified as to what key will get you into setup.

Don't tell us your system is password-locked.
You won't get any help here.

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RE: Toshiba doesn't know how to reset the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reset the the BIOS for a ...

This is impossible to believe here. Are you sure that you are actually dealing with an Authorized Toshiba Service Center?

These NB's have been known to set their Own Passwords and when that Happens a Authorized Toshiba Service Agent is required to clear the BIOS to get rid of the Password that the Hardware has set. This is a Known Problem with some Toshiba NB's and Toshiba does reset the BIOS Under Warranty.

However if that isn't the issue here you need to post back with exactly what is happening. As the BIOS Chip is Soldered onto the M'Board it is part of the M'Board and not many repair facilities have the ability to flash the BIOS Chip while it is part of the M'Board. Even when you can do this there is a risk of Permanent Damage tot he M'Board that would require it to be replaced.

But if money is no object you can buy a replacement BIOS Chip from a place like BIOSman

and then a Weller Surface Mount Soldering Station and after a lot of Practice replace the BIOS Chip on the M'Board. The BIOS Chip itself Programmed will set you back around $25.00 US and the Weller Soldering Station for Surface Mount Repairs will set you back about $45,000 US + Disposables.

Generally most people find it cheaper to buy a new M'Board when this happens as even the best equipped Repaired needs to recover the cost of their Equipment in a timely fashion so they need to charge a lot of money to do work like this. :)


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