Resetting BIOS for Toshiba Portege M500

By gaylepescud ·
I live and work in Ghana, West Africa and have little access to IT support services. I'm managing a development organisation of 50 small women businesses and just don't have time for problems.

A few weeks ago I had my laptop reformatted as it was acting up and there are so many viruses here I thought it the best option. I didn't think that affected the BIOS though.

I use the finger-print reader power on option and it's been fine until yesterday. When I went to boot-up yesterday morning the finger-print reader did not even appear as an option, and instead the page just showed : Password =

I entered my one and only BIOS password and it won't accept it. I tried it many times. I don't have a clue why this has happened.

The day before, however, I lost control of my lap top at several times when I was online, and this has been a problem for a while. I connect it to a hub in an internet cafe. Even if I were hacked, I can't imagine how someone could reset my password.

In any case, my BIOS password seems to have been reset or reset itself - I don't know which. I don't have time to waste messing around and there are few people here who can help, though I noted a service company in the capital which I'll try calling. But if I can fix it myself I'd like to try as I need to work now.

I bought the lap top itself last year while on a project in Cambodia and sending it away to be fixed is not an option as when they're sent back into the country the duty is huge and the possibility of being stolen very high.

Please help!
I'm not very technically inclined but am willing to do the whole battery removal thing if that's what's needed. I need to know the dangers of losing data on my C drive as I haven't backed up for about a week.

Thank you.

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Sorry, but TR does not answer questions of this type...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Resetting BIOS for Toshib ...

Your best option is to procure the services of the "service company in the capital".

Due to the alarmingly high numbers of stolen laptops and the resultant BIOS-cracking questions that we get deluged with, we have taken the decision to answer none of them as we cannot determine who is genuine and who is a thief.

Best of luck.

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