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    Resetting Home directories in ASIP


    by trule ·

    Our ASIP server’s hard drive croaked. After
    replacing them and getting the files from the
    backup, I set the same folder to be the “home
    directories”. HOWEVER, they are not showing
    up on the network as home for the users.

    Is there a way for me to “reconnect” the home
    directories so ASIP actually treats them as a
    home directories?

    If there isn’t, any suggestions?

    ASIP 6.2 running on a G3 Server.

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      Resetting Home directories in ASIP

      by steve98 ·

      In reply to Resetting Home directories in ASIP

      It sounds like you need to re-check your sharepoints and user group permissions. When you restored, the sharepoints could have been lost.

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