Resetting passwords in Win 98SE

By rovoco ·
I have a client running Windows 98SE. The problem is that he had to change his e-mail password with his provider and now has to type in the new password every time he logs in. The OS is not asking him if he wishes to replace his original password. Where are the passwords stored, so I can change it? Any help would be appreciated.

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Rename your post, explain further.

by seanferd In reply to Resetting passwords in Wi ...

First off, just the post title is enough to get you flamed here, because it sounds like you are going to ask about something else.

Second, the title says "XP", then you proceed to ask about Win98SE.

"is that he changed his password with his provider "

What does this mean? Changed the ISP connection password? If so, what software is used to connect? What is the physical connection? (Dial-up, through a router or modem, etc.)

There is no generic "password area" of the registry.

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Sorry for the confusion...

by rovoco In reply to Rename your post, explain ...

Thank you for responding. I consider myself thoroughly "flamed." To clarify, the OS in question is Win98SE. Normally, when you enter a new password, in this case, an e-mail password with, Windows asks you if you wish it to remember the password. If you choose Yes, then you do not have to enter the password each time you sign on for your e-mail. The client had to change his password for e-mail with Comcast. Now, when he enters his new password, Windows does not ask him if he wants to replace his stored password. He has to enter it each time. (If
the OS is Windows XP, it does ask you if you wish to replace the stored password.) To put it simply, where is this password stored in
Windows 98 and can it be changed? I trust that this clarifies the situation for you.

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If it's Outlook Express...

by Ron K. In reply to Sorry for the confusion.. ...

Open Outlook Express, go to Tools\Accounts, choose the mail account, select the Properties button on the right-hand side, choose the Servers tab and check to see that the 'Remember password' box is checked.<br>
If it isn't, check the box. <br>
If it is already checked, uncheck it, click Apply, click OK, then close OE. Reopen it, go to the same spot, re-enter the new password, choose to remember it, click apply, click OK and try logging in.<br>
It's been awhile but I seem to recall having to do that.

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Sorry, not Outlook Express

by rovoco In reply to If it's Outlook Express.. ...

Ron -

Wish it was that simple. It's SmartZone at Supposed to work like Outlook Express, but... I do not get many positive
responses from my clients about Smartzone, but anything new (about 8 months now)takes
time to become 'mature.' I appreciate very much your input.

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I took a shot. Here's another one.

by Ron K. In reply to Sorry, not Outlook Expres ...

"If I change my password, do I also have to change my POP mail (e.g. Outlook Express) password?" Answer: "Yes." <br> <br>

If I had your issues I'd be on the phone to Comcast's support. My experience with them has been positive.

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His ISP will likely provide him with a temporary password.

by Ron K. In reply to Resetting passwords in Wi ...

He's not the first one to ever lose a password. <br>
Finding the registry key or wherever the password is stored won't help much anyway as it isn't going to be in clear text. It's hashed, or something else I vaguely understand. In other words, it is unreadable. <br>
You won't find TR to be a place that will help you break or bypass a password no matter how carefully you word the question. That's your cue to become indignant.

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Possible solution

by rovoco In reply to His ISP will likely provi ...

Ron -

Thank you for your reply. I have been told that PowerSuite 2009 from Spotmau has a password recovery utility. I may get a copy and try it out. I am sorry for the errors in my original post. You were kind enough not to "flame" me concerning them, but a lesson learned can only help next time. By the way,
what is "retired?"

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Retired? I don't have the definitive answer.

by Ron K. In reply to Possible solution

For me it's chillaxing as much as possible while awaiting the inevitable. :)

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Whereas, on this side of the Big Pond ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Possible solution

Here in the village, the term 'retired' gives automatic entry to God's Waiting Room - which, ultimately will be a bit of a laugh when it turns out he doesn't exist. :^0

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by .Martin. In reply to Possible solution

retired - withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one's business or profession

[taken from]

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