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resign legal issue

By jiansec ·
Hello Forum,

I finally decided to resign gracefully and professionally from my current employer. But I found a clause in my contract signed three years ago. It said that I cannot work for the same domain for one year after my termination except I am fired. I wasn't told exactly at the time of employment. It was in French!!!
I currently accepted one offer in different country (neighborhood). Do you think the clause is still applicable to me? Does the clause make sense? My company is a pretty small start up company. I am the only one providing one of the core service.

I asked one ex-employee. He said, even I signed it, it is not applicable under law since I need the skills and knowledge to earn a living. Does it true? How to prevent it haunting me one day?

There won't have any clients overlapped in these two companies.


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Ask a Lawyer

by BFilmFan In reply to resign legal issue

You will need a lawyer to check and see if it is a legal contract.

And the rule is to NEVER NEVER NEVER sign ANYTHING that you do not understand or cannot read. That alone may may the contract null and void.

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It Depends

by JamesRL In reply to resign legal issue

The same question ahs been asked in a job hunting group I used to belong to. It depends on the laws in yours state or province, it depends on the wording of the contract as well - some of them have holes big enough to drive a truck through.

And define domain? I would think there is room for intepretation on what your employer's domain is.

Get a lawyer, one who specialises in employment law.


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