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Resiting a working hard drive in another PC - Extraordinary Activation?

By brian.catt ·
So easy with a Mac and no DLLs and registry BS..... I am struggling with a friend's PC. I just want to make an old Windows XP SP2 HD work in a similarly OS'd Dell Dimension 2400 instead of its former home without having to reload any application CDs I don't have.

I have the working hard drive from his PC that creamed its mother board. He has his motor trader's application and data on it BUT no disks, he bought it all configured.

Can the HD be somehow run on another PC? He has a Dell 2400 to put it in which is pretty capable, but no restore disks. All Dell offer are the free drivers and Windows XP SP2 for 40. I now have all the drivers from Dell's download site on the 2400's system disk and already own a full retail copy of Windows XP retail. I have backed up both the new Dell 2400's HD and the one from the old machine when running as a slave using Acronis on my network - so can do what I like to the old drive and still get it back. The old HD will boot after messing with jumpers but it doesn't have the drivers it needs for the 2400 and won't even let me activate its Windows OEM OS on the new Dell host.

First try at installing my retail Windows on the old disk I discovered provided no relevant drivers for the new host, as a Mac OS would, but also obviously this new install had overwritten application related entries in the Windows folder so the Apps won't run under the newly installed OS - which I didn't expect as a Mac user( xxx.dll not found, etc.) . I know about the R=repair functionality and have looked at the commands but have no idea what the commands do, I understand the problem in terms of what I want to achieve, not what the technobabble I can find tries to say.

I also gather I could install XP alongside the XP Home that is already there.....

Can this disk be run as I am attempting or am I wasting my time? Obviously it would be a great start if I could run it as it was - with the original copy of Windows and adding the drivers for the 2400? I have time , PCs and a network but this is beyond my experience, its like being told your TV and Sky Box won't work in your new home and you have to buy a new one every time you move, and lose all your recordings. I keep all my PCs imaged weeky and the Mac has Time Machine, so this is not a problem I see at home.

Answers on a large postcard? Has Microsoft ever helped anyone in this predicament out with an "extrordinary activation".

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Run a good hard disk in a new Windows PC

by brian.catt In reply to Resiting a working hard d ...

I know how to do it now. It was not easy but its possible w/o PC command line BS. Ask if you want to know ;-)

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No thanks.

by seanferd In reply to Resiting a working hard d ...

It's a PITA, but it can be done, sometimes.

A Mac user afraid of a terminal window?

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Old drive with XP, and an XP installation CD?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Resiting a working hard d ...

You should be good to go. Install the drive but don't boot off it. Instead, boot off the CD. It should detect the existing installation and ask it you want to repair it. You do, because in doing so the installation process will update the hardware drivers.

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