Resizing partitions in Win XP with Pointsec installed

By Michael Jay ·
Is this possible?

The nearest answer I have found is to decrypt and uninstall Pointsec, resize partitions then reinstall Pointsec and re-crypt.

This is rather time consuming, and while the point does not come up too often it would be nice to just resize the partition and be done with it.

With Vista the disk manager permits you to resize partitions on the fly, even with Pointsec installed.

Any thoughts on this.

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Should mention

by Michael Jay In reply to Resizing partitions in Wi ...

that Acronis disk Director and Ubuntu do not work.

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It isn't recommended, going by this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Resizing partitions in Wi ...

About File Systems/Volumes/OS Upgrades
Resizing Partitions and Using Disk Management Features/Utilities
Never use software that alters the workstation's disk partitions when Pointsec PC is installed on the
If you need to resize a partition, remove Pointsec PC completely first and then resize the partition.

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I have been looking around

by Michael Jay In reply to It isn't recommended, goi ...

a lot today and did not find what you linked to, thanks, a lot of good info.

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I've never

by Jacky Howe In reply to I have been looking aroun ...

actually used it but I would be carefull not to upset it. Sometimes you have to go the long way around and it just can't be avoided.

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I just gotta guess, cause I have

by Michael Jay In reply to I've never

not read all you sent that the encryption is strictly the data. Will read it in full tomorrow.

If that is the case, all resizing is doing is adjusting the address. This does not seem to me to be a breach of the security.

Someone must have a resize program that will fly under Pointsec on an XP PC. Vista partition resize works with Pointsec.

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You could setup

by Jacky Howe In reply to I just gotta guess, cause ...

a test environment and use Partition Magic V.8 if you have access to it. It works a treat with XP.

You must be in stealth mode as you are not showing up in my contacts list.

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I have used Partition Magic

by Michael Jay In reply to You could setup

In the past, do not have V.8, before I spend the bucks I would like to know if it can do Pointsec.

An older version of Partition Magic does not work, Ubuntu 8.10 does not even see the partitions, Ubuntu 9.04 sees the partitions but cannot resize, XP pc comes up unbootable.

As for stealth mode, I do not know. I can never tell when Boxie is on line till she posts. You mean that I am invisible as well?

This could help with the Hal 9000 battle.

Crap, I just revealed my position.

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by Michael Jay In reply to You could setup

having trouble with my thumb.

Corrected now.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Sorry,

you are definately in stealth mode.

There is a free trial here but I don't know if it will allow you to resize the partitions.

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I do not see

by Michael Jay In reply to Sorry,

where it says anything about Pointsec, but in the past I when using Partition Magic it does a reboot and resizes outside of Windows, that is also outside of Pointsec, the same problem with Acronis, you end up with a unbootable pc.

What the heck, I will try it. But that will be on Monday.

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