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Resizing partitions

By jhenderson ·
I have 2 dynamic disk partitions on one physical disk, C and D respectively. I need to make C larger in the easiest and cheapest way possible. I know there are different approaches, such as buying partiion manager server edition and resizing. I believe I also can add another physical disk and use space from that since I am using dynamic disks. Any input and/or real world examples would be greatly appreciated.

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Resizing partitions

You would probably be better off buying another hard disk and moving the partition to it. Spanning across two drives not in a RAID is asking to lose everything in a hardware failure. After off-loading to the new drive, resize C: with a program like Partition Magic (and you shouldn't need the server edition to do it).

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Resizing partitions


There's plenty of free partition software out there. Try Googling PARTITION SOFTWARE.

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by guenter.matthaeus In reply to Resizing partitions

look for Bootitng. It works very well.


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by jeremyrem In reply to Resizing partitions

I would recommend either buying a new drive or keeping it on the exsiting one.. trust me on the whole spanning the partition on 2 drives, I was super pissed when one of my drives started tapping.. so just keep in mind u will lose everything on a hd failure

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by tharris1917 In reply to Resizing partitions

1. If you must have a larger C: drive use Partition Magic. I do agree with the cautions in the other replies, however.
2. It would be safer to move . You can also move your pagefile off the C: drive to gain some more free space on C:.

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Copy and resize dynamic disk

by Gordonrusy In reply to Resizing partitions
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resize partition

by junehe In reply to Resizing partitions

if you want to cheap your outcome,i suggest you should buy the Aomei partition assistant home edition. if you are willing to buy some third-party software ,you can go to access this website to find your answer. In this website you can scan more information to know partition resizing.

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