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Resolve to getting a better organized IT Shop

By BizMan ·
As the new year starts, join me in resolving to get a better organized IT Shop.

How do you organize technology department Information?

The context of my question is not on the management of a help desk, or work flow, as I can find plenty of help desk software out there, open source or otherwise, that does that. My question is more in the context of managing the documentation that supports how the operation is run. All that good need to know stuff.

Here is my basic outline of categories of information.

A. Overview - Summary of physical layout of operations, and define sub categories of information below

B. Policy and Procedures - What ever user needs to know

C. Servers - Hardware and Operating System Specifics of Servers

D. Hardware - Specific information about Workstations, printers, and other peripherals

E. Network - Network Services Set IP Information, such as IP Addressing Schema, DNS information, Routers, Switches

F. NWAdmin - directory based issues, such as user objects, user groups, network files shares

G. Applications (Software) - Who uses it? What task is it used to accomplish? Installation information, vendor and support information

H. Telecom - Telephone Systems, Telephone and Communications Vendors

"Back in the day" most of the shops I have worked with just printed things out on pieces of paper and stored things in a binder on a book shelf.

In an effort to not kill trees needlessly, this progressed to text documents or spread sheets in some flat file system.

Neither system lends itself to easy "on the fly" updates.

So where is the next progression taking you? How are you storing this valuable information?

Just plan text files? Use an data base? Print in out on paper in an old fashioned 3 three ring binder? Publish it to an intranet WIKI? Some specific Tech Department Management Software?

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