Resolving a webserver on my LAN

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Where I work we are not on a domain. I do have a webserver running an Intranet site using ISS on a Windows 2003 Server machine. I would like to be able to give users a link to the Intranet site using a url name rather than the IP address of the machine. Since it is an Intranet site and we are using our ISP's DNS servers, can I use our Cisco 3620 router to direct people to the webserver's ip address if I were to come up with a url or just use the webservers machine name. For example, if I had our employees type "http://webserver" can the router direct them to 192.1**.1.1. Instead of having a user type in 192.1**.1.1 to access the Intranet site.

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by CG IT In reply to Resolving a webserver on ...

have to have something that resolves the name webservers to an address

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primitive but works.

by dryflies In reply to Resolving a webserver on ...

put the entry in the hosts file of each computer.
Or you could start the DNS server available in the win2k3 server. on a small network it will not be a significant load.
Or, make all the computers part of the same workgroup and depend on the workgroup to resolve itself.
But, unless you are prohibited from doing so, I would create a win2k3 domain.

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