Resolving "Insert Overwritable Media in Drives" Error

By suji_72 ·
Hi All,

We are running Veritas Backup Exec10d.
I am backing up all our servers every day(Full backup)by sheduling.But recently I have seen that the media is ejecting automatically and getting a message saying that"Insert Overwritable Media in Drives".I cannot figure out why this message coming cause we are set up the mediaset as overwritable period NONE.We are not having any media pools or auto loader,just a tape backup device and changing the tape manually each day.

can anybody help me to solve this problem.I really appreciate all your inputs.

thanks in advance

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This depends on the actual tape

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Resolving "Insert Overwri ...

But sometimes the Tapes get damaged and the header of them can not longer be read so the drive sees that particular tape as either write protected or unusable or needing formatting.

If this is only happening on a couple of tapes I would ditch those tapes but if it's happening on every tape or a large number I would be looking at the actual Tape Drive being at fault. It could be something as simple as dirty heads or something much worse depending on the make & model of the tape drive.

Sometimes the device that looks at the tab to stop over writing gets stuck and causes this to happen as it fails to accept that the Tape is able to be over written. I saw this once on a Government Department machine where the actual backups where not performed by a IT person but by a Security Guard as one of his duties as they didn't have enough work for him to do so they showed him which buttons to push and how to load the tape for the backup and then walk away from the client machine that he was using. Unfortunately for 6 months the tape was running for about 30 seconds and then the entire program was shutting down without backing up the data. Naturally they only discovered this when the Main Server had a HDD failure and they had so carefully been preserving blank tapes for so long.

Hope that helps you work out your problem. If you need any more info PM me at your convenience.


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may be that tape is causing problem

by suji_72 In reply to This depends on the actua ...

But when I went to the Veritas website it is also mentioning about the latest patches which I have downloaded in to the system for the Veritas application.ya as you said that problem is only happening for a certain tapes.That giving more indication towards a faulty tape.

Do you think anything goes wrong when you install the update patches,cause it was working fine until I downloaded the patches.

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Well speaking Technically

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to may be that tape is causi ...

I don't know as it's anyones guess what the latest patches might break or cause to no longer be recognised.

Once Upon A Time everything used to work like it was shown but today things are very different and what can be a very small change that should do piratically nothing can cripple an application and something major can have no effect at all.

In Theory it shouldn't matter but in practise it does make a difference sometimes. What can happen is that a patch can alter the way that the application reads the tape or recognises the Tape Drive and there are all sorts of factors that come into play here. If you could remove the latest patches and it works properly it's a safe bet that one of the patches is causing a problem and most likely the makers don't even know about it, then even if you can prove which patch it is and that it reacts badly with your hardware they may not be willing to rewrite the patch as they don't see enough of a market for the expense of the rewrite. I know I'm cynical but I've worked with this stuff for way too long and have seen things like this happen all the time, the worst thing is actually finding the problem patch and then after you've wasted several hours/days you are still stuck with something that is breaking the system even if it's to a small extent as those are the really frustrating ones. If they would stop the program working 100% of the time it would make life so much easier but when you have interments they drive you crazy. As in a case like this one tape will work today but not in 15 minutes time for some reason best known to itself and no one else.

I would say try them in another drive of the same model and make and see if the tapes work properly as it's always possible that you can have a major failure that takes out the entire system and a new tape drive may not recognise or be able to read your existing tapes so while you have the data saved you are unable to actually access it to restore even the most basic working system to keep the company running.

If you don't have a spare drive unused locked away some place safe it might be worthwhile getting one now and having a play as they are much cheaper to do things that way that to try to recover the data off the tape after a major failure which has taken out the Tape Drive.


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Too much data,?

by Weeksgroove In reply to Well speaking Technically

Do a test run of your Backup Job.

Does it fail? Check the Log, does it fail in determing the Online Media Capacity?

If you downloaded the 500 megs of Veritas Pathces and upgrades, then you may have sent your Tape Drive Capacity over the edge. (unlikely, but it could happen)

Keep in mind that you can RARELY get more data on the tape than the uncrompressed size of the tape (ex. 80/160 tapes 80 uncrompressed, 160 compressed) Veritas uses compression to write to the tape to save space, however, lots of files cannot be compressed(as they are already compressed in some form) and must be backed up in Full Size on Disk, thus decreasing the amount of actual Tape space you can utilize to finish the backup.

However, if your tapes are more than 10 months old and have been in active use during that period, theyare probably going bad.

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