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Resource meter

By zenetaharper ·
My CPU'S resource meter is always reading dangerously low and once it just shutdown. How can I keep this from happening? What do I need to manage my resources?

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Resource meter

by EastExpert In reply to Resource meter

Would be great to know your OS first.
I have a suspicion it's Windows 9x.

Most probably, there is some badly-written application that is eating system resources up.

You should (a) find what application it is - start the search with the third party ones, trying to disable them one-by-one and looking on the situation. (b) once abusive app is found try to upgrade it with the newest version or even replace with similar purpose app altogether.

(a) means not running one of app and trying towatch the Resource Meter dynamics and if it is the indication is going down consistently.

Final thing - if you can afford it, move from Win 9x line to Win 2000/XP. They have no problems with limited system resources.

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Resource meter

by zenetaharper In reply to Resource meter

I have Windows Me. Will this change your answer?

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