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Respect and team performance

By ryan101 ·
As a consultant and Project Manager, I usually work on client projects with people from very different backgrounds, ideas and values.
Having quiet a good background with technology and fair amount of experience in management, I usually become mediator and translator as I can respect peoples contribution from the technical and management perspective.
For me having basic respect and trying to make sure that people are well supported makes a project more successful.
I would like to know what people think about team cultures and how many teams are really functional or dis-functional.

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When the leader

by santeewelding In reply to Respect and team performa ...

Forgets the "y".

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What I think about that.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Respect and team performa ...

If you're fortunate to work with a team comprised of complementary abilities, likes, approaches, and commitment to excellence that just happens to contain a member such as you describe yourself, you'll love being a team.

If you're not, it won't take but 3 or 4 (if that) crap teams and you'll never want to be a team again.

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What I think about team culture

by Sabrina Gage In reply to Respect and team performa ...

Communication is one important factor.As a leader,You have to make the final choice while each member owns his/her idea.

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No respect = no team

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Respect and team performa ...

There's an unfortunate bad habit of picking a group of people, calling it a team, then expecting it to be one.
Could happen, but that's more luck than judgement.
You can get individuals who despite what they could bring the team, refuse t do so. But in my experience problem one is mutually beneficial goal. It's easy to respect the contribution of someone who is doing things that benefit you....

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Mutual benefits & Leader

by ryan101 In reply to Respect and team performa ...

True there is no such thing as a free lunch or free love for that matter, there must a benefit to be involved in a project. For some it may be money, others it might be a status symbol, opportunity to learn, travel, flexible time, job security and others.

So if the group were aware and could "Respect" the benefits each person needs, would the team be a better place to work in? would the team feel like contributing more? 95% of the time this would probably work, as delaying is another benefit that some need, and it would be up to the leader to keep this balanced view.

Having said that, smaller teams might be more effective, larger teams may need structure, can the two be mixed. Is it better to stick to structure to avoid uncertainties of team dynamics.

It depends is probably the best approach, doing what is necessary to keep a balanced view of structure, creativity, mutual benefits and respect.

Thanks for contributing your thoughts.

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It's not a question of respect the benefits each member needs

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Mutual benefits & Leader

it's respecting the contribution each person brings to the teams needs. ie meeting the goal.

If they won't contribute, they deserve no respect and should be binned.

If they can't contribute, then it could be training, or they are in the wrong team.

Doesn't matter how good individual members are, how good the leader is. If the goal can't be written unambiguously in one sentence, you haven't got a team, that's a department you renamed to look progressive.

A team by definition is a flat structure. If one member's contribution is valued more than anothers in terms of the opportunity to contribute based on their strengths and skills, again you have a department.

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