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support me with the Responsibilities of the IT project Manager & the Senior system analyst

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Depends on the company they work for.... <nt>

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Responsibilities
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Well, you are in Project Management, so ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Responsibilities

What do you think?

You first.

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Having a bad day you Old ................................

by OH Smeg In reply to Well, you are in Project ...

And people insist that I'm gruff and hard to get along with.

OK so I don't fully disagree with your response given the very limited question but maybe a suggestion to post back with greater detail of the current situation may have been a better option.

After all this person just may be in a Difficult Position and doesn't know how to proceed or which way to go.

Or they could be a student not wishing to do their homework and wanting the easy way out. :^0


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Welcome in Sudan

by Mohamed Nabil In reply to Well, you are in Project ...

i'm handling is a Wireless Tracking System.
i'm a Project Manager + a Senior Analyst.
cause the company i'm working in wants me to be an Accountant, Developer, Database administrator. i want to inform them the responsibilities of the Project Manager & Senior System Analyst

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Are you the OP?

by Bizzo In reply to Welcome in Sudan

Because this is a different username.

Anyway, in my experience job tiles/roles depend on what contract you have or the job description you were given when you got the job. My job description is very vague, and at the end says something along the lines of "... and anything else you need to do to get the job done".

Ask for a copy of your job description and have a look. Alternatively have a look for Project Manager and Senior Analyst on the job sites and you may get an idea of roles and responsibilities from the job descriptions there.

In my opinion your tasks seem correct if you're a project manager and a senior systems analyst.

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by Mohamednabil In reply to Are you the OP?

the minute i mailed the question, i checked PMI & GANTT + others

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Re wants me to be an Accountant, Developer, Database administrator

by OH Smeg In reply to Welcome in Sudan

Sounds about right to me as well.

If you are the Project Manager you need to stick to a Budget and as such you need to know what you are spending money on and decide how you want to spend any available funds. I'm assuming that is the Accountants bit.

The Developer is again fairly obvious as you are heading something to do a Project so you need to develop that Project to completion. Depending on your staff this may mean handing out work in a larger place to actually doing the work yourself in a smaller place.

Data Base Admin is again part of the job maybe depending on what the Job actually is. If the project relies on a DBase to do the work well you need to Admin that DBase to change it as is required by the project.

The only problem would arise if you are the Sole person on the team and are expected to do the work of 3 people to bring this Project to Completion. If that was the case you need to be getting p[aid a lot of money for the very long hours and lack of sleep that will be happening during the life of the project, but it's also something that should have been sorted before accepting the job.


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