Restaring OS

By madanpms ·
I have XP SP2. for the last couple of week I am finding a problem. my PC gets restart after 15 Minuts - 1 hour. after this it restarts again and again after 5 minuts. I changed RAM and Removed all the external and cards in PC. any one please help me.


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Could be heat build-up on the CPU.

by Ron K. In reply to Restaring OS

Does the CPU fan heat sink fan work? Have you jostled the CPU and heatshield accidentally to break the seal?

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i've got same problem

by SystemCheck In reply to Restaring OS

but for me its a failing mobo in the ram slot it freezes or restarts when pc tries to write to the ram slot that is bad, check to mobo

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REPLY - Restaring OS

by CAMUSED In reply to Restaring OS

I had a very similar problem with one my computers a work. It actually turned out to
be malware. Try starting in safemode and see if it will stay on. If it does try restarting in safemode WITH networking and download and run MBM (Malwarebytes) and see if it detects something.

Some BIOS have the capability to tell you
CPU temp, fan speeds etc. You may want to
also check your BIOS. I wouldnt fully
rely on those reading I've seen cases where
they are not 100%. It may lead you the hardware issue

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Well at the moment it could be either

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Restaring OS

A Software Problem or Hardware. The only way to check to see what is happening here and what needs to be looked at is to Boot the system off a Boot Disc and see if it falls over.

If it does this is a Hardware issue and looking at the Installed OS for problems or infections is going to achieve nothing. To get a Boot Disc if you do not already have one you can use something like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

Or a Live Linux which can be downloaded free from here

Or if you don't want to download you can walk into your Local News Agent and buy a Linux Mag with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc and use that.

If it's not hardware but a Software issue you can attack the HDD with the Trinity Rescue Kit available free from here


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