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Restart or Shut Down

By dpmjr2 ·
We are having a debate if a restart will accomplish the same thing as a shut-down. In other words if a user is having an issue and all else fails and you instruct them to reboot. Will a shut down do the same thing? clear out memory etc.


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Why wonder?

by DC_GUY In reply to Restart or Shut Down

Clearly, at the physical level, trusting a computer to reboot itself correctly is not the same thing as turning off the power and then turning it back on. Unless the problem you're trying to solve by rebooting is a common one and you know from experience that Restart always works, the tech gurus I rely on unanimously advise a Shutdown. It only wastes a few seconds and it can't do any harm.

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I'll add 2 cents

by JamesRL In reply to Why wonder?

As a former PC tech many years ago, I always taught people to turn it off and leave it off for 10 seconds. This creates a "cold" start - HD has spun down, everything starts from scratch.

It only occasionally makes a difference, but it is good practise.


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by LeoBloom In reply to Restart or Shut Down

Typically what I suggest is a shutdown when it is hardware related and restart if it software. If they are not sure, then shutdown.

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by TomSal In reply to

Don't laugh but we still have lots of 98SE clients (hey I said don't laugh!!), with Windows 98SE its most problems can be cured with a shutdown, but I have found that a restart doesn't always do the trick.

So common practice here is we tell them to shutdown, unless its something I *know* only needs a restart.

Good ol' Windows 98...gotta love it.. (um..I'm kidding btw).

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I fail to see the humour ....

by jardinier In reply to Shutdown

I think you have been "sucked in" as are many of the general public into believing that it is necessary to have the latest OS. Surely any fool can see that new versions of Windows (the same applies to Macintosh) are released regularly to ensure a constant market for both software and hardware.

Personally I have been unable to detect any significant improvements since Win 95 B. XP has lots of drivers, and pretty colours, but doesn't have any features which I can't do without.

The same applies to MS Office suites: a new one every year or so, but with no essential new features. MS Office 4.2 (with Word 6) does everything that I am ever likely to need.

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My 2 cents....

by TomSal In reply to I fail to see the humour ...

First rule of LIFE - try as best as I can to find humor in nearly anything, even if it makes no sense whatsoever to anyone else, as long as it lightens my own burden in life or makes ME laugh that's what matters. Without humor life is 100 times harder.

(off soapbox)

There are lots of benefits of Win XP over Win98. XP is way more stable, I can say that with confidence. Also I agree with you I don't like the "kiddy" look of it and I rather wish MS didn't do the "kiddy" look thing to be honest. In general XP is also more secure than Win98, as far as MS products go. Its a resource hog but it is better than Win98 IMHO. Then of course at home -- XP is definitely the OS you want if you are a PC gamer.

Fact is there are lots of advantages of XP over Win98, but space and time constraints require me to rush and end this post.

If someone insists, at a later time I can post again.


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Additional features in XP

by jardinier In reply to I fail to see the humour ...

I have no doubt that XP has many additional features for those who need them. In fact there is quite a comprehensive article by Colin titled: "BIG IMPROVEMENTS IN XP PRO 2003" on my website.

My point is that I don't need these additional features either for my own purposes or for my business, which is selling cheap refurbished computers to home users.

Until very recently when I set up a new computer, I was running four websites with ease using Win 95 B, a 486 DX 100 CPU and a simple dial-up connection.

When second-hand stock becomes more affordable, I will install XP Pro an any computers which meet the required specifications.

Incidentally I currently have computers set up running almost every version of Windows from 3.1 to XP Pro. I simply find XP Pro irrelevant for my needs, and only acquired the program so that I could have some hands-on experience with it. I definitely prefer the appearance and layout of earlier versions of Windows.

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Shut down is more thorough

by TheChas In reply to Restart or Shut Down

I don't remember where I read it, but I did read of a test that found some memory artifacts from a restart that were not there with a full shutdown.

Even using the reset button did not always fully clear the RAM and Cache.

So, if in doubt, a full shutdown is better.


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by Hargerd In reply to Restart or Shut Down

if using Internal tape drives.
Sometimes these drives can lock, and, as they are powered internally by the PSU, the only way to release them is to remove power from the system. Restarting will NOT do this, so Shutdown and manual restart is required


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according to....

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Restart or Shut Down

a MS technician, reboot does NOT accomplish the same things that a shutdown, restart does.

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