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Restarts instead of shutsdown.

By tryten ·
Currently using an Abit AN8-SLi with AMD64 3200 300+ GB harddrive space 1GB RAM. The problem is on a fresh install of XP pro, only things installed are current drivers, current updates and service pack 2. The system tends to restart instead of shutdown when instructed to do so. Just wondering if we should reinstall drivers or remove update patches to see where the problem lies. The system worked beautifully before we wiped the HD and started over.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Restarts instead of shuts ...

you are saying you had xp on here before with no errors? why did you start over?
check the event logs to see if any Errors
flash the bios to the latest greatest. check for new motherboard drivers for xp sp2
turn off the performance option to 'restart on system error'. then on shutdown i predict you get, instead of a restart, a blue screen error which we can help you look up.
if this used to work, have you considered trying 'press spacebar for last known good configurtion'
what was the last driver you put on. printer?

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by tben In reply to Restarts instead of shuts ...

The last time something like that happens, the Win XP SP2 may have screwed up up. The only solution then was to reinstall and repatch, as rolling back SP2 will lead to disasterous conditions.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Restarts instead of shuts ...

When you applied the patches etc to the newly loaded system did you have an AV program installed?

If not you have most likely got an infection from the MS update site and this depending on what it is could be causing the problem. Also if you have installed Windows without SP2 and then installed SP2 you could very well have got a bad install of SP2 which is not unknown to happen particularly if you are overclocking the system. If that is the case there is only one solution Wipe the HDD with a wiping utility that writes 0 to every sector and reload the entire system.

This time before you log onto the Internet load an AV product and have it fully updated before going anywhere near the MS Live Update Web Site it's far safer to do it that way than run the risk of infection which I've seen on numerous occasions now and always when I'm in a hurry to get something done.

It's really faster to do the job properly and first load the OS and then the drivers for the hardware then an AV program and update it totally before you go anywhere else on the net.


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by tryten In reply to Restarts instead of shuts ...

No there were not any previous errors. Started over because this is a new user and the previous user worked with sensitive documentation. Bios was flashed and updated successfully. Ran Seagate's LLF utility several times before the fresh install. Also we use a 5 GB Jump Drive that has all the Windows updates and drivers for our systems (keeps the systems off the network until they are ready). No viruses were detected, used Symantec Corp Ed. (not my prefered choice) and also ran a Trend Micro online scan. Also ran CounterSpy and Spybot S&D, which came up clean too. Anyway, it turned out to be a faulty SP2. After a reinstall of SP2 she is running like a champ (for now). Got my paws on some Windows XP SP2 install discs. Hope this keeps the problem from returning.

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by luke.jones In reply to Restarts instead of shuts ...

Go into the device manager of the computer and reinstall the driver for ACPI Power Button to the generic windows driver.

This should solve your problem.

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