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restoration of windows 98 second edition

By nuyousalon2 ·
I recently relocated to another city. I went to setup my computer and it totally crashed loosing EVERYTHING. The thing about it is that i lost all my cd's in the process. I have no backup cd or restoration. A neighbor made me a copy of theres but my system is still not right. My color is not right, everthing is big fonts, the farthest the setting goes is 16. I would like to know how do i go about getting an authentic copy of Windows 98 SE Complete Package including backup, restoration and etc. I really do not want to take it in to a computer store they are trying to charge and arm & leg. Please advise me of what i can do to get my system back to the way it was. My whole "C" drive has been wiped out (lost everything). Now it's like i have a knew system but it's still not right. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you

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by dmiles In reply to restoration of windows 98 ...

After losing all data on the system you will need to reload the software drivers from the manufacturers web site.(ex. to get more than 16 colors and you have a SVGA graphics card,go to manufacturers web site and download the latest driver and load,this applies to all hardware.
Get the name and model and be sure to download the drivers for your Operating System.

Windows 98SE does not have the Restore feature as Windows ME or later

To get the original cd you have to purchase from a software such,you cannot purchase a backup copy,that has to be done by you on the machine,you can try ebay also for copy of W98SE

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by sgt_shultz In reply to restoration of windows 98 ...

you just need to install the correct drivers. sounds like, start with the graphics card. you may need to open the box and look at the card and post what you can about it so we can help you figure out what drivers you need. even if you get a copy of windows 98se, you will still have this problem. you would need a driver disk for your exact computer (like from Dell or HP or Compaq) to make installing all the correct drivers easy. if you can't afford to pay, try a school for help.

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by pierrejamme In reply to restoration of windows 98 ...

Before your video card will operate correctly, you must install your chipset drivers. this will allow your PCI controller, PCI Bridge and all kinds of good stuff.
You will get these drivers from your motherboard manufacturer, they are probably Intel or VIA. For example the computer I amusing is an Intel 8280.

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by youssifm In reply to restoration of windows 98 ...

if this is of any help, if you have brand name pc, look for the model number, search for drivers, if you don't have a brand name one, just open the case carefully, after shutting down the power of course, look for chips on cards, and record the readings on them, then search for drivers. more technical but more effective method

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