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By richardangelis ·
I have a Thinkfree calc 3 file (a workbook) with which has data in it. I saved it several times and closed it down. When i went to open it again yesterday it failed to open.

I sent two emails to Thinkfree Technical department yesterday, however I have received no response form them.

I tried to mail it to another computer of mine, and when I tried to attach it, a message came up that the file is empty of data. When it arrived at the other computer, I saved it and tried to open it. However, the same message came up as on the original computer "cannot open c/etc/filkename" Also the file has no KB in it.

Anyone have any suggestions on restoring this file with the data. I had not backed up the files on the original computer. Perhaps there is a place, or a temp file where this lost data may reside. et this case serve as a warning for ThinkFree Calc 3 software (and the lack of response to my problem for the software company ThinFree itself.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Restore Data to File

If you haven't backed it up the data is gone*. I guess you learned a lesson about backups and how important they are.

You sir, need a reality check. Why is this the fault of ThinkFree Calc 3 and the company? File corruption can happen to any program on the market. There is no software on the market that guarantee's that the software will perform flawlessly. As far as them not responding to e-mail requests, sometimes it may take a day or two; that's even if you have the option to e-mail support. Sometimes you have to pay for it.

* - You may be able with some disk/file recovery software pick up a deleted temp file that the program used that may contain the workbook. But this is out of the novice computer user's realm.

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