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    Restore deleted user file Win 2000 Srvr


    by jkatz ·

    I have a user who has inadvertently deleted a file from his home directory on our Windows 2000 server. This was a file that was created, saved and accidently deleted today so it is not on backup take.

    When we went to attempt to restore the file for the user, the file was not in their client PC (Win 98 PC), Recycle Bin (although we didn’t expect it would be).

    We then attempted to restore the file on the the Win 2000 Server (from it’s own recycle bin), but to no avail – it was not there either.

    Is there some place else we can look for deleted user files (i.e. similiar to Salvage on Novell), or for that matter, are there any built in resources (similar to Salvage), that we can turn on, on the Windows 2000 Server that we may not havethought of?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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      Restore deleted user file Win 2000 Srvr

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Restore deleted user file Win 2000 Srvr

      For whatever reason, Microsoft made the following design decisions\:

      When a file on a network share is deleted by a remote workstation (other than the host of the shared file), it is just gone. It is placed in neither the remote workstation’s nor the host’s recycle bin. There is nowhere else to look, and there are no built in tools within Windows to use.

      You would need to use a third-party tool like Undelete by Executive Software ( There are several other undelete utilities on the market. But beware, most cannot be installed on a server or require you to buy a more expensive server-specific version.

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