restore domain controller (windows 2003 RL2 )

By alashhar ·
dear all

i working with a small company as part time job, and i have some important questions.

(1)firstly i have to tell you about the network infrastructure:

(a)we have one server (windows 2003 standard edition) which working as DC controller and file server.

(b)we have 10 workstation as domain member.

(c) i do backup for the company data and system state every week.

(d) the company lost the windows 2003 server CD, which had installed on the server.

my questions are:

(1) if the DC failed and i like restoring the DC with different version which is windows 2003 RL2 Stnd edi.

what do i have to do?

(2) i tried to install second DC with windows 2003 RL2 stand Edition but i faced problems:

(a) during promote to DC and due to the different windows version, error happen and tell me to do the following command line
(adprep \forestprep and adprep \domainprep)

(b)after preping the forest and domain, the problem is still happen.

what do i have to do?

i need your help ASAP.


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Win 2003

by p.j.hutchison In reply to restore domain controller ...

I suggest you stick with Windows 2003 original edition to ensure that the service can be restored.

Do you have the media for Win 2003 r1? I am sure the company can hold of it as they already got a license for it.

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No problem.

by bart777 In reply to restore domain controller ...

There is no problem having DCs at different levels of the 2003 server OS. The important piece is the schema level.

In order to get the DC to the correct Schema level you need to use the ADPREP file that is on Disk 2 of the R2 OS.

Now, since you seem to not have the disks you may have a problem. I would contact Microsoft and see if they will send you a new copy of the disks or give you a link to the ISO images for it.

I hope you can find the disks or files.

Best of luck

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by alashhar In reply to No problem.

thanks for replying

about the ADPREP, i tried this command in following ways:

(1) i found this command on the CD1 for windows 2003 rl2

(2)i put the cd 1 in the DC which working with windows 2003 stnd.

(3) i run the two commands:

adprep \forestprep
adprep \domainprep

and i had messages said they successfully update the schema.

(4) i run the dcpromo in the new dc which working with windows 2003 rl2 after few seconds a message appear to me said you the old DC hold different version you have to run adprep

it strange i run this command on the old dc successfully

what do you think


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