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Restore Exchange 5.5 information and directory store

By wingszeto ·

I am planning to move my Exchange 5.5 sp4 server from an existing server to a new one. Both the existing server and the new one are W2k with the latest SP. The new one will be in an isolated network so it will have the same computer name and exact configuration just like the existing one.

Is it possible to use the backup software come with W2K to do the backup of the information store and directory of the existing Exchange server and restore them to the new Exchange server?

I have tried the backup and restore and the restore was successful, but when I use Exchange Administrator tool to open the global address list and there isn't any mail boxes in there as though I never did the restore. It shows nothing just like before I did the restore. Am I missing something.

Any help is very much appreciatd.


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RE: Restore Exchange 5.5 Information and Directory store

by rgr_b_smith In reply to Restore Exchange 5.5 info ...


did u make sure that you deleted everything in the dsdata folder? this folder should be empty when you start the restore, and is recommended that you restore from an older copy of the dir from an older store. when starting the IS after this point the IS will play out the logs and bring hte DS up to date.

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Backup & Restore

by chaotic1 In reply to RE: Restore Exchange 5.5 ...

Make sure that you stop all of the services, and then do the backup. (just had to say it, don't get offended... :) ) then install exchange on new server up to the level of the old server. After you restore the priv.edb and pub.edb (and any other files, make sure you run isinteg -patch. this will reconcile any differences, and the directory store will (should) mount with no problems. Good Luck!

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Take chaotic1's advice

by shamone In reply to Backup & Restore

I went through this last week on the Live server having never done it in the test environment.Best laxative ever
there is a good document available from microsoft;en-us;840228

It should cover most of the problems you should face and give you some insight into what the isinteg -patch command does (along with some others). If you have any other probs post up its still quite fresh for me so I may be able to help out.

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by dannyt In reply to Restore Exchange 5.5 info ...

This is all you need is to do this:
1. Just one floppy disk :-)
2. Go to your production exchange, use Administrator tool to export all your mailboxes & Distribution List to separated CSV files save it directly onto the floppy disk.
3. Once that is done, go to your isolated exchange server, use Administrator tool to do the import all mailboxes & distribution list from the CSV files.
4. That's it, you should see all the mailboxes are back. Good luck!!!

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