Restore from DLT BrightStor ArcServe 11?

By susan.weigle ·
Novell and Arcserve, what a nightmare. Can anyone help with restoring a file from Arcserve 11 back up? Originally backed up using a tape library, now want to restore using single tape drive. OH, and I don't have the original Arcserve DB. Can this be done?

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I wouldn't even be sure that the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Restore from DLT BrightSt ...

Single Taps Drive could read the tape let alone work it's way thought the Library to find the necessary files.

Quite often different types of Drive from different makers record their Data to Tape in different formats. I've lost count of the times that I've had to toss Data on Tapes because a Tape Drive has failed and the replacement unit is unable to read the existing tapes even though they are the same type as the new drive supports.

Personally I think you are pushing things uphill with your nose attempting this but the starting point would have to be inserting the first tape from the Library and seeing if you can locate the required Files. If you can not do that anything more is just a waste of time and effort.


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There is hope for a restore!

by giljo03 In reply to Restore from DLT BrightSt ...

The fact that a tape library was used to make the backup and you now have a single tape drive should not be a problem when trying to restore. The only real roadblock will be if the library and the single drive have the same internal workings, i.e. you have a DLT4000 drive and the library also had a dlt4000 drive in it. Tapes made for larger numbered drives cannot be read in older drives.

Assuming for a moment that you have the correct drive (manufacturer of the drive should not be an issue, I believe Quantum still makes all the DLT drives) the 1st thing to do is put in the tape and see if ARCserve can read the tape header. Once the tape is in the drive, go to the Tape Server screen on the server and select Real Time Statistics. There should be a tape drive listed, select that and the information about the tape should appear. Check the information, the tape's name should be there as and not have << >> around the name. Also, you can check the tape format, it should be FSTSEEK, if it's another format you still may be OK, but you might need additional assistance from support to attempt a restore.

Once you have confirmed that you can read the tape, you have a few options. You can either:

1) merge the entire tape into the database and use the ARCserve manager to browse the tape's data and restore what you want.

2) summary scan the tape and see what session you want to restore and restore the entire session

3) do the above scan and use a filter to restore the file you might want

The easiest method is #1, merge the entire tape and use the manger to select what you want from the tape. Just realize that merging takes time, a little less time that the actual backup would take. The other methods are more direct but require more work to do.

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