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Restore single file group to a blank db

By jpb ·
Currently have a large application that stores all the data in a MS SQL 2000 DB. It is split into 2 seperate file groups with multiple tables. What I want to know is would it be possible to restore one of the file groups to a blank database to do test or restoration functions on it apart from the real active database. If this is possible how would I do it. Any ideas would be helpful.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Restore single file group ...

what you wish to do is set up a test environment? i love it when you guys talk like that.
so you would need a second 'lab' sql server in addition to a 'lab' workstation. you will need to have the username and password of the account with admin rights on the sql server and that/those databases. and some way to get big amounts of data to it. backup tape? external drive? you could it on your network but that whole set of new problems. best for now if on separate subnet with internet access only maybe.

after you set up your lab server you'd 'restore' a recent backup from your production server. so you have rehearsed restoring operations after destruction of server.
depending on how you are backing up sql server, you could find out how using articles from the websites of either microsoft support or your sql backup software support.
if you don't get a fully operational backed up to the time you expect, you could explore how it *should* be getting backed up at
and write it down or print it out from the backup software and put in notebook
You'd setup the workstation using an odbc System connection via Control Panel (see Help for your OS). so maybe take a look at a working client pc now and see how it is setup.
IMHO sql is made to move around and fail safe and backup practically to real time if you learn the nuts and bolts of how it works. getting a complete backup and knowing how to put stuff back to a particular point in time will tell you almost all you need to know so this is a great idea imho. can be funded under disaster recovery.

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by jpb In reply to

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by jpb In reply to Restore single file group ...

Thanx for the nice sarcastic reply you TW@T. The problem is I do tech support. I understand backup procedures and how to do it you TW@T. The company I work for sells accounting packages and it is made up of 12 different modules with the data stored in a SQL DB. If one of the modules has data stored in a different file group could you restore that by itself you TW@T. I already know that you can restore it if you have a complete backup but I am talking about a fresh blank db with no data.

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