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Restore Win2K svr on dissimilar hardware

By everyoneall ·

we've been always doing a full server backup for our HP brands Win2K servers.

however, when we tried to do a full restore on Dell or IBM server hardware, the svr always go into blue screen or can't bootup, after reboot. understand because the storation of server hardware drivers from the backup (which is HP drivers) to a Dell or IBM server, the drivers didn't work and cause the blue screen or bootup failure.

appreciate any useful advise on how to successfully do a full restore of a Win2K server data on a dissimilar hardware.

thks in advance.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Restore Win2K svr on diss ...

The issue you are experiencing is most likely due to differences in the HAL.

This article will explain the concepts of restoring on a different piece of hardware. My personal observation is that even if you follow all the steps, this sometimes does not work:;en-us;263532&Product=win2000

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by BFilmFan In reply to

Note that you will need the system state to perform an authoritative restore if the computer is a domain controller.

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by rindi1 In reply to Restore Win2K svr on diss ...

The correct way to restore Win2k Server Data is first to setup your server OS on the new hardware the normal way (CD Install), All the correct, new drivers for your new hardware, also install all necessary software which the server needs in order run correctly, including your backup software. Now create your data volumes and restore the data to those volumes with the Backup Software. Depending on your Backup Software, you should also be able select the restoration of user info etc (System Registry).

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by everyoneall In reply to

We all know we can re-install everything from OS to Line-of-Business apps, and use Backup for a simple scope of purely for data restore. But, this recovery process will take even longer time and would means you know the exact 100% settings and configurations for the OS and every single software on that box - which often in-house documentations will miss here and there, over the years. So, regret to regard this answer not very useful.

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by wcp In reply to Restore Win2K svr on diss ...

This applies to all HP servers.

1. This assumes HP server is functional. Restore the latest backup. Install Service Pack 4 if you have not done yet. Replace the current IDE driver to the Standard PCI IDE controller. Remove all current chipset devices and PCI/ISA drivers. Ghost the HD to the new HD in Dell or IBM. Let the new Server find drivers. Install motherboard and other necessary drivers. All your Service Pack, MS hotfixes, and critical updates should be intact. In general, if the two computers (HP and Dell/IBM) have the same HAL, the transition is smooth but it is not a requirement.

2. If this fails, it was most likely caused by mismatched HAL. You need MS Windows 2000 CD, not Recovery/Restore CD. Reinstall Windows (in-place upgrade or repair installation) over the current failed one. The reinstallation will install new HAL and other drivers that Windows finds in Dell/IBM. Install motherboard and other necessary drivers. If the Windows CD did not have the latest Service Pack, you have to install it. You also have to install all MS hotfixes and updates. Reinstallation does change some features. Please refer to the reference below.

You have to be careful when you ghost a HD. You may have to run ?fdisk /mbr? if the Dell/IBM server does not boot. Please add a comment if you need more information or help on this one.


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