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    restore with backupexec


    by ldap_pro ·

    hi all

    when i tried to restore a file that was backed
    up in one doamin to another domain, i get the error
    authentication failed on connection to the server.

    so, its probably the backup that save my credentails from the first domain. and its good.
    is it a user name, server name?

    what i should do?


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      Reply To: restore with backupexec

      by thefrown ·

      In reply to restore with backupexec

      It sounds as though you are using the original media server and redirecting the file sets. If so, has the backupexec service account rights over the target system? You can typically change the account backupexec will use to perform the restore in versions 9 or 10 when performing a redirected restore job by clicking on the “change” button next to Server Logon Account in the file redirection screen. I would suggest you use the local admin account of the target server here; click on “New” and fill out the details as requested. In the User Name box you will need to put in the account in a SERVERNAME\USERNAME format.

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      Reply To: restore with backupexec

      by jhenderson ·

      In reply to restore with backupexec

      The backup exec services are likely logging on with either a local system account or is not a member of the remote domain. Look at the properties of the backup exec services and see what they are running as. Try changing it to a user with permission to the other domain and enter the appropriate credentials.

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