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I have an old HP Pavilion XT938 that I would like to restore to it's orginal factory spects. I do not have restore disc. There is a partition on the hard drive which I believe is the operating system, but I have no clue on how to access it. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to purchase a set of restore disc if anyone can guide me to a seller. This computer uses XP Home Thank you

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From the HP support site

by robo_dev In reply to Restore

"HP computers that ship with Microsoft Windows XP and Compaq Presario Desktop computers made in spring of 2003 and later already come with a hidden preloaded recovery partition. This hidden partition can be used to recover all of the original software in the event of a major problem by pressing the F10 key repeatedly when the computer is first started."


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by amazonchic In reply to Restore

I had problems with this model, which I purchased for business use back in 2001. I called HP support, and after speaking with 5 people who barely spoke the language got a ditzy girl who knew exactly what to do. All HP computers (PC and laptops) have a built-in system restore that can either recover your computer back to a preset date, or completely wipe the hard drive and restore all factory settings. To clean the hard drive, just press your F10 key when the blue HP screen comes up as you are booting up the computer, until you hear a series of beeps. Then you can walk yourself through the prompts. You want to select Advanced Options and answer yes to permanently deleting all aftermarket files.

I hope this helps. Email me at heidilueck2@yahoo.com with any questions. I do this about once a month to clean my hard drive. It does the same thing as the restore discs. Once you have your computer up and running, you can create your own restore discs or call HP support to order for free. I did both.

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