restoring documents on corrupted windows

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my windows coruppted and I want to restore my 'my documents' files by plugging in my harddrive on another healthy computer. I couldn't open 'my documents' of the corrupted windows because there's password protected. I know the admin password for my corrupted windows, but yea.. its corrupted, so i can't start my windows from it. can I restore my 'my documents' files when my windows has been failed to start???

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Did you take ownership?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to restoring documents on co ...

When you put the corrupted drive in the good computer as a slave, you should be able to locate your documents under <driveletter>Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents where <driveletter> is the letter assigned to the slave drive in the new computer and <username> is your old login name for that drive when it was in it's own computer.

You will probably need to be logged into the good computer with THE Administrator account and take ownership of the files if they're password protected. Once you have ownership, you should be able to copy them from the bad drive to the good drive.

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by tintoman In reply to Did you take ownership?

put your corrupt drive into a eaxternal hard drive enclosure and plug it in to your good pc by usb cable

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Only thing to watch out for is if

by OH Smeg In reply to or

The Encrypted File System was in use. That could make things nasty.

M$ Directions for Taking Ownership of Files


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