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restoring files

By aeepps ·
my computer gives the following errors,
1. missing or corrurt file himem.sys

2. an error in config.sys on line #9.

how do i correct these two (2) problems to restore windows.

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by tim.bruce In reply to restoring files

I assume that you are at least on Win95 and can boot to a prompt. If not boot from a floppy (format /s on another system of the same type if you don't have a boot floppy).

#1. See if himem.sys is in the location specified by your config.sys file. If yes, try #2. If not, find it and point your config.sys entry there.

#2. Try checking the CD and expanding the himem.sy_ file from there to your hard drive at the location specified by your config.sys file(may be in a .cab - been a while since I've looked at 95).

#3. What is the entry on line 9?

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