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Restoring the partion from WD hard drive

By cbcats ·
(I asking WD tech too.)

I got 300G WD Hard Driver. I had to use WD Disk to formation the hard drive because XP (no sp) can only see 136G. Which I formatted, installed, and then update to SP 2. After that I when formatted the other half of the hard drive 164G using XP Disk Management. XP had some problem so I did fresh install using XP CD installer, however only 136G partitions showed during the setup which was fine. After the setup files were installed on the 136G partition the computer would reboot every time trying to access the 300G as the main drive. I slap 80G WD hard drive and installed XP & SP2. When I reconnect WD 300G har drive as slave. XP seen 300G as a whole partition that need be formatted. I remove the 80G and set the 300G as the main hard drive & boot to WD CD. The CD seen the 300G hard drive, but first partition is 800G and the second (I think) 164G.

How do I recover the 164G partition data?
I don't have money to spent on data recove software. I'm a poor college student (

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Restoring the partion fro ...

If XP cannot see any Partitions on the Drive when it's a Slave then the data is gone. The only thing that I would try is removing it completely from the computer fitting it to a USB Caddy and try again to see if you can see any partitions and Data on the drive. This quite often works when the Slave option fails to see anything.

As far as data recovery goes there are several products that don't break the bank available like the trial version of Iolo's Search & recover available here

or maybe one of the following

The XWays product is cheap and easy to use though slow and while I've never used the Stellar one of the TR Peers has said that they had good results with it. I haven't ever used any of the others in this list so I don't know how well that they work but any one of them may be worth a try.

If you could borrow a Copy of On Tracks Desktop & Lap Top Recovery that would work a treat for you. Just remember that whenever you attempt to recover any Data you never save it to the partition that it is being recovered from so I would recommend that you save it to another HDD entirely just to make sure that you don't overwrite any of your existing data.


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