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    Restoring to recovery server


    by kbo ·

    I’m wondering about the reason for having to restore databases to a recovery server in a different forest. I understand that the restore job has to be done to a storage group and database with the same name, in the same Exchange organization name, as the backup was done in. However, we currently have two Exchange servers in our production domain that have the same storage group names and database names. I have been successfully moving mailboxes from one server to the other. In some cases I have had to use ExMerge (export/import) to move some mailboxes to the other server. After using ExMerge I have been left with the old mailbox (with a red ‘x’ next to it) on the old server, and the new mailbox for the same user account on the new server. No problems encountered. Once I’ve moved all mailboxes off the old server, I’m wondering why I can’t use it for restoring databases when needed, since the Exchange organization, storage groups and database names are the same as production. What would restoring do to the production databases, as long as the restored mailboxes are not connected to user accounts?

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