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Restrict access to hard drive

By ksnyder ·
We are running Windows 2000 server and would like to restrict access to C: - By restricting access to the user?s local hard drive, they are then forced to save to a network share which ensures that users automatically save to the network whether they realize it or not. What are the steps for setting this policy/protocol up on each workstation?

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by lwebb In reply to Restrict access to hard d ...

Just posting to say: I have your answer and will get back tomorrow.

It's 5:11pm, my anniversary and Fred Flintstone's blowing the whistle.

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by sumesh.adiyapurath In reply to Restrict access to hard d ...

With Group Policy Objects in Windows, there is a "Hide these specified drives in My Computer" option that lets you hide specific drives. However,

There are seven default options for restricting access to drives

To make changes to this policy for one of the seven default values:

1. Start the Microsoft Management Console. On the Console menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in.
2. Add the Group Policy snap-in for the default domain policy. To do this, click Browse when you are prompted to select a Group Policy Object (GPO). The default GPO is Local Computer. You can also add GPOs for other domain partitions (specifically, Organizational Units).
3. Open the following sections: User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, and Windows Explorer.
4. Click Hide these specified drives in My Computer.
5. Click to select the Hide these specified drives in My Computer check box.
6. Click the appropriate option in the drop-down box.

These settings remove the icons representing the selected hard disks from My Computer, Windows Explorer, and My Network Places. Also, these drives do not appear in the Open dialog box of any programs.

[This policy does not prevent users from using other programs to gain access to local and network drives or prevent them from viewing and changing drive characteristics by using the Disk Management snap-in. ]

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by nvsvictor In reply to

Thanks for the instructions! It helped me.

But the instructions need scrutinizing and re-reading by a beginner like me. For anyone who can't understand the instructions that sumesh.adiyapurath provided, you'll need to struggle with it... but once you understand it, it will solve your issue of hiding the C drives from the regular users.

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by n.u.r.v. In reply to Restrict access to hard d ...

You didnt actually mention if you had active directory setup..??

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by n.u.r.v. In reply to Restrict access to hard d ...

I suppose you are in a network environment.If you are running active directory, then using a GPO will do the trick.

On the group policy template get to the User configuration>administrative templates>windows explorer>hide specified drives in my computer AND OR prevent access to drives on my computer.

That will do the trick.

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Network Machine access through c$

by sujit.nayak In reply to Restrict access to hard d ...

How to restrict users unable to use c$ through out network.

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