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    Restrict computer access to certain users


    by rigo(cmp) ·

    We have a computer that’s part of the domain. What is the best way to lock that computer down so that only a certain group of users can access it?

    Currently we’re running Windows XP for the desktop and Windows Server 2003 SBS for the domain controller.

    Thank you.

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      by rigo(cmp) ·

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      humm for domain group policy

      by cg it ·

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      there are some methods that admins use and that’s the logon locally security setting. however, that only applies to local machine console logon and not domain logon. If they log on to the domain, domain group policy overrides local machine group policy.

      Even if you use the domain group policy to configure logon locally restrictions, the restrictions are again, for local logon not domain logon.

      To truly restrict domain users from logging on to a particular machine, you have to configure their active directory domain accounts properties to allow logon to specific machines, omitting the one you don’t want them to be able to logon to.

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        by twors88 ·

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        Set up time windows for that computer to be logged in. Only certain users can log in during these hours. Or make it so that the users you want are in a different OU.

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        Yes and no

        by ic-it ·

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        When you set the OU to Log on Locally, you can add specific local and Domain users and/or Groups.

        We used this method a few years ago to allow administrators and a special group access to a set of systems and no one else could access them, to include other domain members.

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